Please Rate Profile For Exceptional talent endorsement

I have worked as a co-founder at a successful startup. Earlier worked as CTO and now as CBO. Besides this, I have worked at a couple of FAANG companies.
Product director at a faang company
senior manager at another fang company
co-founder and CEO of my startup

An international fintech award in banking integration (in my name) for our banking product.
My company’s 2 news clippings showing the product to the first in its segment (interview by CEO and co-founder) in my country and a bank client using our platform got another news clipping of being the first bank in country to achieve this functionality. The same client using our solution as white-labelled product (client branded) and receiving innovation award for it in a prestigious program.
Market share of my company in the segment despite emerging solutions in the ecosystem. It is nearly 50% and our stack processes north of 50 million transactions every month with yearly $30 billion total amount processes yearly.

Op2 :
certificates for virtual lecture at university
80+ pro-bono sessions at international online forum (my profile is visible) with structured mentorship
Participation in roundtables in London with letters from organisers

A new generative AI tool I started at a fang company and it is now in public domain, to be used by millions of advertisers. I have included proofs of may perf review + LOR from product director
Scaling infrastructure need at another fang company, required creating a new database which combines benefit of sql and nosql databases. Allows them to server 100 million orders/refunds per day and biggest ecommerce.
One more rule driven system for business benefits for a fang company. (Not going in detail). Enabled multiple crucial business launches.

You didn’t mention your role…

For MC, you need to show what your contribution was. It’s not enough to work at a successful company.

OC2: How many people attended the lecture?

Hi hsafra, apologies. I was the architect of the platform that was developed and co-founder in the company. Earlier CTO and later CBO, I have included some evidences of work as well.
These sessions were mentoring sessions 1x1. 80+ pro-bono sessions with consistent rating 4/5 and 5/5
Virtual lectures were attended – one by 120 students and another by 70 students.

Do you have documentation to show your contribution there? The descriptions seem to be about the company and you need to detail how you fit in there

Yes, I have shown documentation for my contribution in the project ] my name and role in the company website as part of core leadership team, the award which talks about my work and complimentary LOR from ceo who also mentions it (I understand that it is not substitute for independent documentation)