Please Rate My Profile To Know If I Qualify


I have worked for three tech hubs that have partnered with Google, Facebook to provide Digital marketing trainings and services for entrepreneurs , they enroll for Google and Facebook courses using our company link and learn how to boost their businesses using tech.
We also carried out the Google my business project and listed and verified businesses on Google.
So I want to know if I am eligible to apply for the Global promise route.

Thanks as I wait for your feedback.

@Scarletdiva, although I can confidently say that all the alumnis endorsed are indeed experts on their own to form an accurate opinion on strength of a profile of someone else, they are not authorised to do so, Technation has a very capable pool of people from all walks of digital technology to rate someone’s profile and to award an endorsement or to refuse it accordingly. The best thing here for you to do is: go through the guidance again and again and try to seek the answer by yourself. I am sure that way you would be confident enough sooner or later to decide whether to apply or when to apply. Meanwhile please feel free to ask questions generalised in nature and we would be happy to answer. Best of luck.

I am qualified to apply from the quiz eligibility checker on tech nation , is just that the tech hubs works in partnership with Google and Facebook so I want to know if it fits into the criteria of product led digital company.

Thanks for the feedback