Please rate my profile for stage 1


I am planning to apply as an exceptional talent and I would be happy if anyone could comment on my profile. I have been struggling to figure what documents i can provide but this forum has really helped me.

Personal Docs:

  1. Personal Statement (I haven,t started this yet but i should be able to ACE this)
  2. Personal CV detailing my past experiences which aligns with my LORs and all Criteria

Recommendation Letters:

  1. CEO of an Big Y-Incubator start-up here in Nigeria
  2. CEO of a another Big Venture Incubator here in Nigeria
  3. Director of in the National Organization i currently work at

Please i will like to know what they need to attach to their profiles as i am not sure yet what they need to add
Mandatory criteria:

  1. Commendation Letter-> emphasizes on my contribution in projects that generate 8 figure USD revenue annually
  2. Commendation Letter -> emphasizes on my contribution to automations and innovation of which i was given a huge financial reward

Optional Criteria 1 (innovation):

  1. Award i received as Best Business Analyst
    2: Award i received a part of the Light House Team
  2. Government portal built in 2014 that still exists
  • I was the lead business analyst for the project.
  • As proof of my leadership in this project:
    1. I will get a letter from the company about my contributions (Signed by CEO)
  1. Elearning portals built for a National University (2 o
  • As proof of my leadership in this project:
    1. I will get a letter from the company about my contributions (Signed by CEO)

Optional Criteria 3 (impact):

  1. A letter from the Y incubator company stating the revenues from the contribution to the project we built


Hello @Wunmi, and welcome to the community.

I didn’t notice your profile. Could you introduce yourself a bit? What was your experience past five years? Past ten years?


  1. According to the guide, Awards can be used to support your MC, not OC1.
  2. As you got the Award as a part of the Light House Team, it might not count, as internal company awards don’t count.
  3. From your short description, it is unclear what is innovative about the government portal, what was your contribution to it, how big is the impact on the people? As of now, it looks like more OC3 (Contribution), not OC1 (Innovation).
  4. Same for educational portals.


  1. Again, “we” built. Your contribution should be personal and significant (vs other team members) contribution, and directly impact company revenue.

In summary, your profile looks more like Promise than Talent. Because for Talent, you need to show at least three strong pieces of evidence for each OC. Also, you might want to read the guide more carefully, as, from my point of view, you are mixing OC1/OC3.

Best wishes,

Hi @Savvkin, thanks for replying.

So I have 10 years experience now in the Tech industry as a Business Analyst and Product Manager. I am going to write about my exact contributions to each product. Yes i am definitely mixing up the MC and OC as i am not exactly clear which is why i am here. I have a lot of awards and commendation letters and i am not just sure about where they go. In terms of contributions, i have worked as lead business analyst for big innovative solutions (OC1- innovation) and i have managed my own products which has led to significant cost savings ( occupancy 3 - impact). I intend to write about my contributions and have them signed by Directors of the Organizations.