Please rate my Profile for Exceptional Talent/Promise?

Hi All,

I am confused about the category where i should apply for Global talent visa. I have overall experience of 10+ years. Most of it in product-led organizations. I have worked as data analyst, data scientist , exp product manager. Below are my few considerations.


Led digital analytics transformation for company moving from webtrends to adobe analytics. Evangelising the complete transformation of utilising data for decision making in the organization.

NLP-led chatbot conception to execution to POC and overviewing the product deployment in the organisation.

Helped the team Marketing team to create data-driven marketing campaigns and led the execution of the marketing for Apple, HP, Intel and AMD. (Reference Letter)


Outside of the day-to-day I have been invited as a visiting faculty for deemed university and lead a panel of Interview for assessing potential students.

Mentoring the students for their final year projects in the field of applied statistics and marketing analytics.

Invited as a expert speaker by Analytics firm for ‘Product with Computer Vision’. It had 700 attendees varying from students and enthusiasts from different fields.

Visiting faculty for Academy to drive the session on their behalf for their global initiative to upskill the talent in the fields of data visualisation and analytics. ()


Worked with HealthTech to develop machine learnign products and expand into select niche & hi-tech sectors.
Worked for their development of 2 products A and B , both product-led with machine learning and analytics at its core.

I think you need to rethink your evidence especially the Mandatory. How do you show leadership? For OC2 how has your activities as advanced the sector. Lastly how do you demonstrate your impact in the healthtech. I think you need to read the tech nation guide to and use the examples listed in the mandatory and optional criteria to shape your evidence.

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Hi Ketan - with an overall experience of 10+ years, your profile would fit in Exceptional Talent criteria (NOT promise). All the best in your application journey.