Please rate my Exceptional Talent Application- digital marketing / performance marketing expert in Nigeria

Hi, I have over about 10 years of experience working in digital marketing.
Currently leading digital marketing for the last 1 year in a B2B eCommerce company in Nigeria
2 & half years leading Digital marketing in 2 different global FMCG companies
1 year + leading digital marketing for one of the largest (now shut down) online service marketplace in Nigeria.
1-year leading digital marketing for a top digital entertainment platform
1&half year working in one of the largest eCommerce companies in Africa.
2 years in digital marketing for a smaller ecommerce startup

A) My Recommendation letters are

  1. Recommendation letter with letterhead from my current CEO & Founder of my current & previous companies where I led digital marketing (both product-led companies)
  2. Recommendation letter with letterhead from a media & digital director in a Globally recognized Fintech company
  3. Recommendation letter with letterhead from a digital marketing expert & head of product at a (Nigerian tech-based company that uses data and analytics to help companies market their products) / President of a Non-Profit Digital Marketing organization.

B) also have a support letter with letterhead from

  1. A past colleague who was the Product lead in one of the product led companies I worked for and who I also consult for in his current company where he is the COO of an online travel company. (he has attached screenshots of some of the work showing revenue I’ve helped them generate)
  2. CEO of a company that helps train people with digital skills (product management, digital marketing etc) where I was a mentor/trainer

C) Evidence that I have gone over & beyond with my daily work to grow the digital technology field

  1. Co founder & Convener of a non-profit digital marketing body in Nigeria
    i) Certificate of Incorporation from the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria that shows my name as a founding member & of a non-profit body for digital marketers in Nigeria
    ii) Banners of the 2 Digital Marketing Association conferences with over 500 attendees that I helped to plan and also spoke at which included other top digital marketing professionals as attendees & speakers as well.
    iii) Banners of some of the Digital Marketing Association webinars I contributed to and helped plan
    iv) Banners of when some of our key members of the digital marketing association spoke at social media week (just to show that we are recognized)

2 Other contributions / events I’ve contributed to
i) Banner/poster of when I spoke at Social media week
ii) Banner & picture of when I spoke at Lagos digital summit
iii) Pictures & banners of some of the several other digital marketing events I was invited to speak
iv) Picture of several event tags for digital marketing events I organized, including some of the Google / Facebook events I was invited to.

D) Evidence of the value of my work within 2 of the product led companies I’ve worked with in the past 5 years.
i) I also have screenshots of some of the value I’ve delivered for my current & previous company showing the revenue generated & traffic/app installs I’ve helped the company achieve.

E) Evidence of high salary
i) I have my confirmation letter showing my salary
ii) I have my pay slip
iii) I plan to show from reference the average salary of people with similar experience compared to mine (using public data, e.g Glassdoor data)

What do you think of my profile, recommendation letter & evidence?
Alternatively let me know if I missed anything or can add anything to strengthen my application.

Looks Impressive. I mean your profile but it is the storytelling that gets the job done and how it is summarized on the letter of purpose.

Pls share your thoughts, Will appreciate feedback, thanks. @Francisca_Chiedu @Savvkin @sharath_natraj @mfilippov @Alex_P @Shreeniwas_Iyer

You need at least 6 documents for exceptional talent. Use the examples in the tech nation guide to list your evidence, as it is what you have listed is untidy. Showing a banner is not strong enough, were you speaking on the main stage, do you have videos showing you as a speaker.?

Your profile is excellent but it needs proper alignment with the technation guidelines. Go through the guidelines in detail and map your evidences against the Mandatory and Optional Criteria (OC1,OC2 etc) and reply back to this thread.