Please Rate My Exceptional Promise Evidence List

Dear Team,

Hi guys, could you please kindly share your opinion on my evidence list set for Exceptional Promise? I am actually not sure that this is enough…

Personal Statement -
I am a cybersecurity professional with a masters degree in Elect/Elect Engineering, team lead of my security Operation Center(SOC) team in a bank, close to 5 years experience.
My Personal Statement is speaking to how I started in the field of IT(networking) and the story of how I transitioned into Cybersecurity. Spoke about my Job and highlighted my achievements in this field and how they will benefit the UK. My major point was hammering on the Skill shortage in Cybersecurity and how I will contribute to solving this problem alongside working.

LOR 1: From the CTO of my former company (MSSP) Managed Security Service Provider, who I’ve worked with for 2 years and knows both me and my technical abilities. He is regarded as a leader in my field with multiple patents and awards.

LOR 2: From my former SOC manager who is now a CISO of a FINTECH company who knows my work and worked with for 2 years as well. well respected and has lots of accolades in the field. based in Canada

LOR 3: From my Professor of Security and Privacy, we worked together on projects during my masters degree as my supervisor. He is also regarded as a leader in the field of tech. He is internationally recognized, was a associate at MIT. We have more than 2 published research work.

Mandatory Criteria:

  1. Letter from my Former Founder of a startup. detailing summary of what i did that he witnessed. how my input has affected the company both in size and revenue. (signed and written on letterhead, and LinkedIn Profile) + that Application screenshot, Screenshot of revenue rise)

  2. Letter from my mentor (A university professor in Glasgow), also a founder of a tech foundation which is An initiative aiming to provide young Africans in STEM with access to quality computer science education. She has lots of international awards. She gives a summary of what i did, my volunteer work to help the initiative that she witnessed.(signed and written on letterhead, and LinkedIn Profile. website link to foundation)

  3. Document showing my work contract and a history of my high salary(for 2 companies i have worked), Pay slips. I’m using payscale as a reference to compare the highest salaries in my role. i also converted this to pounds.

  4. Another document showing my certifications and achievement compiled in a file with short description and screenshots. my McKenzie & forward program certificate, 3 AWS certifications, 3 Azure certificates and 2 CompTIA Security+ among others.

Optional Criteria OC2

  1. A 3 page Document detailing my impact as a co-founder of a Technological initiative where we organize sessions for hundreds of high school and undergrads, to mentor and enlighten them on IT skills and IT opportunities. Screenshots of events, official website link, letter of appreciation from different bodies and institution.

  2. Screenshot, Links of my profile and articles written by myself at a US based online IT Station which is an authority on enterprise technology. Peer opinions and reviews are provided on this platform for several IT tools and solutions. The platform also indicated and awarded me top 2 contributor award.

  3. my MC2 which is my letter of Reference from my mentor and my impact as a volunteer outside of my day to day activities.

Optional Criteria OC3

  1. Documents, Design Architecture diagrams, screenshots to signify my position as the project lead engineer and other contributions to my current company. 1 page reference letter by the Principal engineer and the project owner at the same company that witnessed my work and my contributions.

  2. Another 3 page document of my contribution to my former company. A document and screenshot of being an author and contributor to a maiden annual cybersecurity report and forecast for the country.

  3. work contract and high salary evidence provided in MC3 above.

please kindly Critic my list. I also have some questions relating to the use of Google Drive and compilation of evidences.

can you possibly use this evidence in you MC"author and contributor to a maiden annual cybersecurity report and forecast for the country" .

You need to work on your mandatory criteria a bit so it is not just reference letters. overall it is not bad for exceptional promise.

Ensure recommendation letters capture your achievements and your planned contribution to the UK tech scene


Thank you very much @Francisca_Chiedu I will definitely work on the MC . Thank you.

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