Please rate my Exceptional Promise Application

Hello Everyone!

I’m considering applying to Global Talent Visa as Exceptional Promise. I’m a Full-stack Software Developer with 5 years of experience in JavaScript, React, Laravel, Nodejs, UX Concepts and Web Architecture, working currently as a senior developer.

Letters of Recommendation

  1. CEO of a software development firm in Ghana
  2. Founder and CEO of Technology Mentorship Organization based in Ghana
  3. Founder and CEO a Coaching Firm

Mandatory Criteria
How do I demonstrate that I have been recognized as (or recognized as having the potential to be) a leading talent in the digital technology sector?

In August 2019, I have been appointed by the Electoral Commission of Ghana to a part of I.T officials selected to exhibit the national voters register which form the national database
In June 2020, I was appointed once again by the Electoral Commission of Ghana as a data entry clerk due to my computer programming skills.

I was able to single-handedly register about 500 qualified Ghanaian voters which I have simultaneously added to the national database.
2 Appointment letters from Electoral Commission signed and authorized by the chairperson of the commission for the 2019 and the 2020 appointments respectively.

Optional Criteria

  1. Mentorship Program: member of Ghana’s leading tech mentorship program for basic school students
    Evidence: Acceptance letter from CTO, Invitation to speak from CTO, pictures and video of me mentoring.

  2. Innovation: I have developed a new student management system at my current work place to help in student management and record keeping.
    Evidence: Reference letter from my employer, CEO of the company to proof my innovation.

My personal statement sums up all the things mentioned above.

Are your recommenders known experts? Looks like none works for a product-led company. How is a coach a digital technology company. I am just curious how he fits into the requirement for recommendation?

In my opinion, getting selected to register voters doesn’t fit the leadership criteria. How does it show leadership.

As for Innovation, aside reference letters, what other evidence do you want to show?

I intent to show my GitHub portfolio which has over 1000 contribution.
I have release a social media management software which I would like to share.
I would have take look at my recommenders.
Thank you very much

Try using the evidence below as a benchmark for what you can use to show proof of innovation. Personally, I am not convinced what you listed meets the innovation criteria. If you are convinced it meets Tech Nation’s expectation then use it.

  • Evidence of innovation/product development, proof of product in market and associated traction through revenue.
  • Evidence for each business should include your last set of audited accounts, projections for current financial year and articles of association.
  • Evidence of domestic and/or international sales should show customer numbers for each country in which the company is operating, including a ranking of your distribution channels with a breakdown of when these sales were achieved for each channel (i.e. online, physical retail, 3rd party distributors, resellers etc.).
  • Evidence of employment contract with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings.

Thank you very @Francisca_Chiedu I’m so much grateful.
I’m having some difficulty in pointing my most satisfying mandatory criteria let me take some time and grow thoroughly.

I think you should take your time and prepare your application, importantly, read the tech nation guide.

Yes exactly, I think that’s the best way to go

Good luck with that.

Thank you very much I will know you as soon I come up something more substantial
Merry Christmas

For MC, try to get the recommendation letters on seniority of your Senior developer role. How you led mid/jun devs, led the product. And independent media confirmation on how is this product is innovative, how it impact people, grow company revenue, etc. You know your story best, package it well.

From the guide:

You led the growth of a product-led digital technology company, product or team inside a digital technology company, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, or as evidenced by news clippings, lines of code from public repos or similar evidence.

Thank you very much @Savvkin I’m so grateful, brother

Thanks for this response as it is inline with my curiosity. Please based on your response, can I use the last evidence alone to support this criteria (OC1) as an employee working in a product-led digital company? which is " * Evidence of employment contract with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings." I really don’t have an innovative product for now

This is not sufficient. If you read through the forum, you realise that high salary is not your strongest evidence.

Thank you for the response

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