Please, Rate my Endorsement Application Docs

Hello Everyone,

I need your advice on my application docs.

My Education
BSc. Computer Networks, UK
MSc. Data Science, UK
Member, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK
Google Certified
Current Role - Marketing Manager in a product-led company in the UK.
Years of Digital Marketing Experience in digital technology company - 4 years, worked previously in non-tech companies.

Documents I want to Submit for Exceptional Promise

Mandatory 1
Letter from my former manager confirming my impact
Chartered Institute of Marketing letter and badge - Link to the verification
Former UK Employment letter + Payslips - Evidence of high Salary
Current UK Employment Letter + Payslips - Evidence of High Salary
Digital PR(Media coverage) I did for our partnership with a telecom company (Links + Screenshots)

OC 2
-An op-ed or news article that exemplifies thought leadership, evidence of mentorship.
Two articles in a popular and high ranking tech websites + Screenshots of traffic analysis from

Employment contract + Payslip
Google ads dashboards + App Growth screenshot (Over 100K Downloads) - Former employer
Pipedrive revenue dashboard - Current employer
Screenshots of the boss appreciating my marketing effort.

Recommendation Letter
Letter from Former Employer - UK
Letter from a popular fintech vice president, UK
Letter from a head of robotics and AI of a University

My CV and Personal Statement.

Kindly advice me on this. Should I go ahead and submit. Thank you

I think your mandatory letter is monthly letters. What other physical evidence do you have?

@Francisca_Chiedu Thanks for your response. Let me rephrase this

Is my MC strong enough and what of OC2 and OC3?

Thank you

It is still not strong. What you need to think about, do my evidence show that i have been recognised asa leader in the sector?