Please Rate my Documents


I am planning to apply as an exceptional promise under the Global Talent Visa, i would be happy to see anyone help me review the documents i intend to submit soon.


Personal Docs:

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Personal CV detailing how I transition from Community manager to Technical support to Blockchain Development

Recommendation Letters:

  1. CEO of an Online Marketplace where startups can hire developers (something like Andela or Vanhack)
  2. COO for Both an enterprise Blockchain solution and a Blockchain Foundation in Africa

Mandatory criteria:

  1. Incorporation certificate of a company I founded(a Blockchain wallet for Cross border payments, The wallet won a grant and was also featured in an event with one of the major Blockchain)
  2. Recommendation Letter from a VP ecosystem of a Blockchain Foundation(Not sure if he will be willing to recommend me yet if he does not)
  3. Blockchain Certificate from An international Blockchain Organisation(Based in the US) certifying me as a Certified Blockchain Expert(CBE)

Optional Criteria 1 (innovation):

  1. Innovation 1:A non-custodian Blockchain wallet I found that won a grant from an international Organisation in the US.
  • As proof of my leadership/ownership of the projects

  • I can write a letter in the company’s name and provide more document(s) where necessary

  • I will include my git contributions clearly showing the number of lines I committed (however git repo is a closed source)

  1. Innovation 2: An online marketplace where SMEs get paid faster by selling their invoices using Blockchain, This project also got a grant
  • I was the Blockchain Architect and developer for this project.
  • As proof of my contribution to this project:
  1. I will get a letter from the company about my contributions (Signed by CEO)
  2. I will include my git contributions clearly showing the number of lines I committed (however git repo is a closed source)

Optional Criteria 3 (Proof of work beyond my current occupation):

  1. A picture of me speaking at an event with around 50-100 people about the impact of Blockchain in finance.
  2. Screenshot of my quora profile showing my contribution to various Topics, including Blockchain and trading.

Impressive profile. Hope you have submitted your application.

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Looks awesome! Don’t you need 3 letters of recommendation though?

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Do you have someone that could write the OC1.1 letter for you? Also, as mfilippov said, you‘ll need a third letter of recommendation from a tech executive, independently from any letters or testimony you submit for criteria.

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not yet @Arsshad still working on the recommendation letters and the documents in general

yea, will definitely get the 3rd letter. thanks @mfilippov

Do you mean getting proof of innovation from somewhere else?

I think you are trying to show impact not innovation.

What will be a better way to show innovation @Francisca_Chiedu, will be great to get your view on this. Thanks

Check the examples in the tech nation guide.

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did you submit this already!

@Maya not yet, still gathering my evidence

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How far, rooting for you…

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