Please rate my application for Exceptional Promise

Hi everyone,

I plan to apply for the Global Talent Visa - Exceptional Promise

I’m product manager with design skills.

I would appreciate it if you can rate my profile and suggest any areas to strengthen my evidence.

The list of documents:

  1. Recommendation Letter 1 - VP at an early stage VC firm and COO of a startup I co-founded
  2. Recommendation Letter 2 - CEO of a tech startup
  3. Recommendation Letter 3 - A senior managing partner at Mastercard Advisors in West Africa
  4. CV
  5. Personal Statement

8 pieces of evidence:

MC: Evidence of my contribution building a digital bank. Added the traction ($3bn transaction processed) and national award the digital bank received

MC: Evidence of my contribution building a conversational banking application on WhatsApp and newspaper clipping of recognition as the most secured chat banking in Nigeria. Also my Promotion letter after the success of the digital bank

MC: Evidence of my contribution building an embedded finance and open banking infrastructure, traction (amount processed in 3 months - $80m; 1k onboarded businesses) and reference letter co-signed by my former line manager and head of engineering.

MC: Evidence of high salary. My current offer compared to Nigeria industry standard captured. screenshot of payscale to provide context

OC2: Evidence of mentorship. I was a guest tutor at a product design bootcamp

OC2: Evidence of my work as a product and design consultant for 2 startups.

OC3: Evidence of my involvement as a co-founder in my startup and key partnerships I closed

OC3: Evidence of my startup traction. 450k USD worth of value delivered to black founders and a commitment from a VC to help a founder we connected them to raise seed funding.

Hi @Bankole_Jamgbadi, cool profile, I’m a PM too.

  1. On the MC, did you lead these exercises? And what evidences are you providing

  2. By the examples given in each criteria on TN guide, which of the examples does each evidence meets, I’d advise (just an opinion) you let the MC evidences meet multiple distinct examples

  3. Did you develop the software or managed programmers

  4. OC2: were you a one-time lecturer, or have given talks in multiple cases

  5. Perhaps you try to find a milder substitute for the keyword ‘consultant’ in your application, I thought they don’t like the role, it may do good if you don’t draw attention to that. Probably you rephrase those areas for better perspective

I think you should read the guide more and let your description be more detailed, so people can understand your evidences better

I only shared my view, I may be incorrect, pls take note

Thank you @Yusuf_Adebanjo for the feedback.

  1. My contribution cuts across leading the exercise as a PM to contributing to the design and also writing code for some artifacts such as email templates and account statement. The evidence to this are corporate deck showing the roadmap, financial performance, app on the app store and github repo showing the code I wrote and the corresponding UI.

  2. Manage programmers and a little code contribution

  3. Maybe that needs to be rephrased to a judge of a demo day for designers after a bootcamp

  4. Thank you for this. I will look to rephrase.