Please provide feedback on my application chances

I am currently a Senior Product Manager with Amazon with 10+ years of experience. I am in the UK on a Skilled Worker Visa for the past 2 years.In my 10 years of career so far I have: a) Helped Amazon vendors to resolve their operational problems through live chat and chatbot solutions (Product Manager role) - This is my current role where I work on building communication tools like chatbots and live chat solutions. I work with an engineering team of 9 engineers and I am responsible for vision, strategy and execution of the product and I am the sole product manager for the past 2 years. It’s a global product with presence in 16 marketplaces in multiple languages. The product has flavours of AI/ML and the tech stack uses different AWS technologies and is a widely used product. I can provide all relevant product metrics as needed b) Helped Amazon seller brands improve the discoverability and awareness of their products through Amazon advertising (PM/Program/BD role) - My last role was a building an internal account manager facing product which was a dashboard to understand their advertiser accounts performance and provided actionable insights which the account managers could communicate to the advertisers. Prior to this I was part of the advertising sales teams of Amazon c) Managed customer acquisition of the company’s largest revenue contributing state in a top telecom company in India (Airtel) (Product Development and Marketing role) - I was responsible for building and marketing the company’s marketing products.

On external assignments -

I have been a speaker at a product management conference in 2022 which had 200 attendees

I have one more speaking assignments coming up in Product School

I can sign up for more speaking assignments if needed

I have been a mentor in the community mentorcolor

On Salary -

I have above average salary of a Senior Product Manager as per glass door

I have a few questions -

a) What are my chances in the leader category based on the profile I shared?

b) What’s missing and something that I can work on?

c) Do all the endorsers need to be from UK? I am part of a global team and my leadership is spread across Europe.

d) How will tech nation assess the seniority of the endorsers?

e) My previous company is an Indian company and I can check with one of the leaders there if they can endorse my application. But this was 5 years ago and will this endorsement still count?

f) What are some things that I can do to identify more endorsers?

Hi @rahul_borkar
a) Coming from a product management background, you have a good change. Your experience is relevant (I applied as a PM myself)
b) Hard to tell with this info. Why dont you start a list of recos and evidences mapped against the Technation criteria
c) Recommenders preferably from different companies, backgrounds, geographies is a plus
d) You should aim for C-level, VP, Director level
e) As a thumb rule, Dont use evidences if they are older than 5 years
f) Think hard who you’ve worked with in the past and have good relations with

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You have already put in 2 years under the skilled worker visa and in the next 3 years you are eligible for ILR.

Why would you want to go for Global Talent Visa?

The visa gives people the freedom to work anywhere and not be tied to an employer. God forbid he loses his job, he has to find a new job within 60 - 90 days or leave the country. Also, switching to the Tech nation visa will not having any impact on his ILR application, in 3 years times, he can still apply for his ILR.

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Your endorsers can come from any part of the world as long as they are leaders in the field of digital technology. Don’t use only recommendations from Amazon. You mandatory criteria, the conference speaking looks fine,however any recent conference that is close to the time of your application is not acceptable. Check tech nation guide for other ways to evidence the mandatory criteria, in addition to speaking engagements and salary, you can show evidence of leading a product team, contributions to open source projects, contribution to industry initiatives.

What optional criteria are you selecting?