Please provide feedback of my evidences for Exceptional Talent

Hello all,

Following are the pieces of evidence I’ve prepared for my application,

MC #1: A reference letter from the Head of the product describing my contributions, the innovation the product brings to the market and a snapshot of awards and customer testimony.

MC #2: A reference letter from CEO of a social enterprise, describing my collaboration to tackle the covid pandemic along with a snapshot of media recognition about the product.

MC #3: Github commits history/repo of an open-source project.

MC #4: Employment contract

[ work outside of my immediate occupation]
OC #1: Evidence of collaboration in the form of email excerpts between me and the project technical coordinator.

OC #2: Github commits history/repo of an open-source project.

OC #3: Reference letters from the event organiser about my talks with attendance numbers and photos.

[ Significant Contributions]
OC #1: Reference letter from current employer describing my contributions as a key engineer and benefits of my work.

OC #2: Product architecture diagram of various products that I worked on as a key engineer.

OC #3: Snapshot of the product functionality and recognition from experts.

LOR’s are from a Startup CEO, University programme director and Principal Developer.

Please let me know if there are any areas I need to strengthen.

Thanks in advance!

Looks good. It’s about the story that you’re able to weave.

For significant contribution it’s important to tell a story that ties your evidence together and demonstrates impact in numbers.

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Hello @Anand, did you proceed with your application and did you get endorsed?

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Hello! Sorry for the late reply. I did submit my application yesterday.

@Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad Do I get any notification from the home office that the application has been forwarded to Tech Nation?

From Home Office, NO.

You only get a notification from the home office when a decision has been made on your application.

In the meantime, all the best.

You get a notification from tech nation that they have received your application.

Thank you! Yeah, I got the notification from TN saying the application is submitted. I’m wondering about this specific statement in the email,

Obviously, I’ve submitted the HO’s endorsement application. I presume the notification I got from TN is the final one until I know my application decision.

You are correct.

Await the application decision.