Please kindly review my strategy for Exceptional Promise

Hello there!

As a new member, I‘d like to start by saying how wholesome I find this platform. Always great to see people helping each other achieve their goals.

As for my application strategy, I’m planning to proceed with the following contents:

Motivational Letter

Explanation of my personal and professional reasons for going to the UK, with reference to how my proof documents tie into the criteria, as well as a roadmap for my plans to excel in and contribute to the international tech hub in London.

Document 1: Reference Letter 1

Director-level digital industry executive at an entertainment media company, under whose guidance I co-produced an award-winning game

Document 2: Reference Letter 2

VP of Product at a SaaS company, as well as another former boss of mine, under whom I contributed to a MarTech product, as a Product Manager for APIs and architecture, that is in use at BMW, Lidl, and other internationally recognized brands.

Document 3: Reference Letter 3

Department head for all digital Marketing and sales channels of a telecommunications provider with specialization in optic fiber internet, under whom I currently work as a PO.

Document 4: CV

Product Owner with 8 years of industry experience, first half in consulting and second half in product led businesses

Document 5: Mandatory Criteria: Proof of seniority and high remuneration

  • Copies of payslips with above average salaries for 2 positions (commented with exchange rates and payscale information)

  • An excerpt of an employment contract as a Product Owner that fits one of the payslips

Document 6: Mandatory Criteria: Proof of expertise and recognition

  • Links to product case studies and business plans that I wrote myself

  • Link to my GitHub with past and ongoing projects

  • Testimony of professional peers, such as several senior developers, software architects, an AI researcher, a digital marketing manager, and a Product Manager, as well as a former royal army officer, who is an MBE and now works at a tech company

Document 7: Optional Criteria (1)
Proven track record or examples of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company or an employee working in a new digital field or concept

  • Case study about co-producing a children’s educational game, around the time GDPR came into effect in Europe, navigating privacy-related policy issues.

  • Testimony of peers showcasing my contributions to both creative concepts and technical solutions, ranging from software architecture to post-production

  • Proof of the game being awarded silver, in the serious games category of a well-recognized UK-based digital industry association, in 2020

  • The game was localized and published in 8 languages, under a successful US cartoon brand, and teaches kids basic programming skills

Document 8: Optional Criteria (2)
My weakest one:
(Recognized for) my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector, as evidenced by

  • Project summary of the ongoing development and release of a simple software that aims to undermine authoritarian censorship, scripted as an MVP with Python and published under an MIT license, in the wake of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Project initiated and executed entirely by me.

  • Project summary of the ongoing collaborative development of a procedural ‘world generator’ for accelerated level design and/or various potential metaverse-related applications. The idea is to efficiently render a realistic looking landscape. The algo accepts a seed and outputs a GLB file. Project initiated by me and co-developed by my brother and myself.

Document 9: Optional Criteria (3)
Significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company

  • List of summarized significant contributions to a successful MarTech SaaS product, including conception of relevant new functionality, and impact on quality

  • Testimony of a developer and an architect, showcasing my professional qualities and my contributions

**Document 10: **
Blank for now, in case I forgot something.
I‘m considering to use this for additional notes and “fun facts” about myself

It seems quite a stron application, although I think you might have gotten the document numbers wrong if I’m counting correctly.

You have to submit 1 resume + 1 “motivational letter” + 3 Letters of recommendation + 10 evidences proving 1 mandatory criteria and at least 2 optional criteria.
So that’s a total of 15 documents

Hi, thanks for the feedback! As far as I understood the guidelines, the motivational letter is a free text form field, not included in the documents. As for the 10 pieces of evidence, I thought it was up to 10, with the focus being on the criteria being met.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You are correct. It is “up to 10”. Also, you only need to meet 1 Mandatory criteria and 2 Optional criteria. You can only submit 2 Optional Criteria.

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Thanks, I‘ll reassess the optional criteria and narrow them down to 2

Yes, you are absolutely correct.
The letter is a free text field, and then there will be separate upload buttons in the form for uploading your resume, the 3 LORs, and the 10 pieces of evidence (All 10 are optional)

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did you submit your application or not yet?