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Hi everyone,

Thank you again for the tremendous support given, I feel so lucky to have found this platform! As I prepare for GTV, wonder if anyone with experience can help advice if the below plan will be sufficient:

Background: Senior product manager specializing in pricing tech currently working at one of the largest e-commerce and marketplace company in UK. Previously served a large digital hardware company in Asia focusing on e-commerce expansion in the EU market. Totally 3.5 years in digital with another 5 years with performance marketing & commercial growth experience in non-tech space.

Category: Exceptional Promise, business
note: all endorsers mentioned below have worked with me for over 12months in various digital projects/products in my previous firms (before some of them relocated back their home country)

Letter of Recommendations (all specifically mentioning my skillset, contribution and promise in tech with examples)

  • LoR from General Manager (of a country outside of UK) for world’s largest ride-hailing platform
  • LoR from Southeast Asia Head of one of world’s largest mobile and consumer electronics brands
  • LoR from Chief Marketing Director from one of world’s largest electronic payment and information technology companies


  1. Two employment contracts showcasing applicant’s ability to secure senior position in large digital firms with high compensation package, with paysale & glassdoor benchmarks (>95%) as reference
  2. Reference Letter from Key Product Lead of one of US’s largest tech conglomerate on virtual reality

3. Document presented at tech science forum specifying applicant as project manager, her role for the launch of an innovative product and its areas of innovation
4.Internal dashboard showcasing how the product leads to increase in growth in traffic, short-term and long-term revenue and profit growth
5. Reference letter from senior software manager (leading a team of 20+ within the firm) from outside of my department, detailing how does the product contributed to a cross-functional and successful collaboration

6. Reference letter from a former principle with detailed description on applicant’s commercial contribution to the field through a specific project
7.Company internal financial report to Executive Vice-President detailing the growth in revenue, new users, brand members of the project, specifying the applicant as project leader
8.Reference letter from COO and Founder of an US boin-based eCommerce platform endorsing applicant’s contribution

Lastly - I’m not sure if anyone on the platform is within the tech nation committee, but special thank you to them for continuing to support us despite all the uncertainties!

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Thank you!

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Your mandatory criteria doesn’t look strong enough to demonstrate your leadership in digital technology. Do you not have external examples of evidence that can be verifiable in the public domain? What can people see out there when they browse about you?

For OC1, most important thing to show is the innovation but you have more impact than Innovation in your evidence. One thing is to make sure the product is actually innovative, and another is your contribution to the innovation.

To know more about that counts as Innovation, I’ve written about it in this post.

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I see, very useful and thank you for responding so fast! I could tailor that
For MC - actually my struggle is both of my positions in tech so far have quite some level of confidentiality (either bc of clients served or tech content) so direct public information are hard to gather. May i ask what other evidence might suffice? (e.g. another endorsement letter, certificate in external tech leadership/concentration program) @May

For the mandatory criteria, do you have publications? Conferencing speaking and other contribution to the sector outside your work?

For innovation, how does the tech science forum prove innovation. I think that forum if it has pictures and sizeable audience may be more suited for MC .

For OC1 you need to show evidence of the product built. The science forum may not be sufficient. Besides how is the science forum related to digital technology?


Thank you so much for responding on the weekends!!

Very helpful comments - For MC i see the point of getting external endorsement that reflects outside contribution to the industry. I’ve been on mentorship and panel in the field so I can see if i can gather evidence from there. For OC 1 the forum reference was just to show the authenticity of the product, i will prepare the material so that it emphasizes innovation and its relation to digital.

Thank you!! and any comments on OC3/LoR welcome as well!


OC3 is fine, make sure to add explanatory notes for clarity. Also let your referees know your they need to erited detailed account of your impact and significant contribution to the organisation. You second recommendation letter may not sufficient, it is not a digital tech company.

Thanks!! Just 1 last thing if you may - the recommender is from a large mobile company with IoT offers, does that not qualified as digital tech firm (as they sale digital hardware as key revenue source)? I sought feedback on this forum before and heard positive response, so want to be sure! Again much appreciated!

You need to check the about section of the company to be sure they are a productled DigiTech company.

  • You need to make sure that your recommendations come from leaders in the tech sector who have first-hand experience with your work(It should mention one of your works). I doubt “Southeast Asia Head” fits.
  • Your MC is not strong enough. Do you have any public/group recognition/awards you can add?
  • The OC3 needs to show what you’ve done. Either in addition or replacement to some of the references, you need to show screenshots&links to some of the initiatives you brought to the company/product that led to the success of the innovation.
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oh thank you so much for your comment! Yes note taken for additional evidence for MC and OC3, working on it already! For the LoR on “Southeast Asia Head” - he’s the senior director (there’s only 1 VP higher up) for SEA responsible for +40Bn sales of digital hardware, and my direct manager for over 2 years which he specified through shared project experience in the letter. Would he qualified if i make these specifications clear in the letter?

Much Appreciated!

If you’re sure the person matches the requirements(I do not have enough info as yourself) please go ahead.
To my understanding, I do not think he flies because the person is not a leader in a product-led digital technology company.