Please! I really need assistance

Hello Everyone,

Please I need to know if my experience count for Tech nation.

I am a IT (Network) Manager with experience in deploying world wide internet, network infrastructures, school portals and payment gateway in many Schools in Nigeria. The software belongs to my company.

I have deployed a lot of IT projects in different sectors such as banks ,etc. I have also done some presentation on Web 3.0, lots of certifications and trainings.

Please do i have a chance. i really need your input.

Thank you all.

Sure you have a chance. Will you get endorsed? I don’t know. You do need to showcase your skills and experience and achievements in more detail than you’ve expressed in your post for Tech Nation to really get a sense of your awesomeness. Study the TN guide to see how you can present your achievements in a way they’ll be able to access it and make a decision.

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Thank you for the feedback

You need to first read the tech nation guide to see if you have the evidence to meet the eligibility criteria. Then list the evidence you have so you can get feedback from the forum.

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@Francisca_Chiedu, I am working on it.

Thank you for your response.

Go through the guide. I think you should be able to meet the requirements based on your achievements

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