Please help with review of my application: promise, SWE

Hi everyone, thanks a lot for reviewing other applications - it helps a lot! If that is possible to comment my application, I would highly appreciate that as well.

About me: SWE with 5+ years of experience (4.5 years after graduation + during my masters worked part-time most of the time, so I apply for promise). In personal statement main idea that I want to have more impact (and I do some steps towards it) outside my day-to-day activities.


  • Received masters with honour 4.5 years ago
  • Before graduation worked as SWE for 1.5 years, but not always full-time as I had to focus on my masters thesis, after graduation have 4.5 years of experience as SWE
  • Worked full-time in tech center of a bank (separate company) and was nominated for fast promotion track
  • Moved to London 3 years ago to work in big tech company, since then was promoted, started YouTube channel, was speaker on the IT conference (200 participants)

Letters of recommendation:

  1. LOR from Senior SWE in my current company (big tech company)
  2. LOR from Director from my previous job (tech company, part of the bank)
  3. LOR from Rector of my University (top university in Russia in CS field)

Mandatory criteria:

  1. Salary + stock from my current job
  2. Was responsible for growth of Women techmakers in st. Petersburg for some time before relocation, created strategy for growth on the conference (large conference in spb) - attach stats of growth after that + signed letter from organiser of the conference
  3. Organiser of conference for the junior developers, will attach stats, and letter of recommendation


  1. volunteer at Girlguiding (British charity) at our office (bonus award letter) + interview with Director (bonus award letter)
  2. interview in the student club (450+ views online now) + winner of the top graduate competition
  3. Speaker at IT converence (200 participants, 350+ views online) - will attach stats, certificate of appreciation and can ask one more recommendation there
  4. my personal YouTube channel (about immigration to the UK and work in big tech companies) stats (3500 views, over 270 hours, 45% views from women)


  1. Architecture scheme of the changes I’ve made + another recommendation from my current job
  2. Architecture scheme + interview in the official social channel of the company with 6500 views + letter from senior software engineer from my previous job
  3. salary + graph which shows salaries distribution for my previous job (we’ve been paid in like top 5% of the market at the time)

Total: 3 letters, 10 evidence (3 mandatory, 3 OP-3 (work at work), 4 OP-2 (work outside work))

If you have any feedback - would be great to hear, thanks!

The way you have arranged your evidence is confusing. What’s the profile of their three recommenders?

List your mandatory criteria, Option criteria 3 and 2 separately.

What do you mean by university and job 1?

You need to make up your mind if you are counting from your work experience after university or you are counting experience while still studying so you don’t get assessed for talent when you are targeting exceptional promise.

Hi Francisca, thanks for your quick response! Yes, I think I need to focus on my after-graduation experience, as I don’t feel I did enough yet to get the leader, will change that.

As for university - recommendation letter from my university is focused on my active participation even after graduation (I am speaker on their tech events and considered to be a part of programme committee for the next IT conference they organise).