Please help with letter review

Hi! I’m a business applicant having trouble categorizing my letters of recommendation & support.

Out of my 5.5 years of work experience, 4 years were spent in Company 1 (leading global robotics company), 8 months in Company 2 (robotics startup) and the remaining 6ish months as a self-employed consultant. 7 out of the total of 13 letters are from Company 1, since that’s an established international corporation and has the biggest tech leaders. It’s also where I experienced most growth, including heading regional marketing for South Asia (SA) and then managing global brand.

I need some help categorizing which of these should should fall under LORs vs. supporting letters for Mandatory Criteria & OC Significant Contribution (I’m clear with my other OC, Recognition Beyond Occupation). Here is an overview of the letters from Company 1 I need help with:

- Former CEO: He has worked in tech for decades in senior leadership positions. His letter talks about how I stood out in a company of 700+ employees and made significant inroads heading SA marketing. I believe this should be an LOR for sure.

- Former Head of Global Sales Enablement: He is British & a best-selling author of books on sales methodology. He was not my manager but a global-level executive who I’ve met a few times. His letter discusses my skills in business expansion + talks specifically about what I’d bring to the UK from his perspective as a British sales professional. I believe that this too should feature as an LOR, especially since he speaks as a UK citizen who has known me & has grown significant tech businesses.

- Former VP Marketing: His letter talks about my ability to drive return on marketing investment & highlights my contributions in my regional & global roles

- VP Marketing of Robotics in the parent company ($3.1 billion dollar American organization with 6500+ employees) of Company 1: She stepped in as interim VP Marketing when the former VP (who has written an LOR for me) left. She’s at a very high position but her letter doesn’t speak to my strengths as well as the others, in my opinion.

- Former APAC President: He speaks about my tenacity in leading South Asia marketing & how he often invited me to inspire other marketers in APAC.

- Former General Manager, South Asia: He knows me best and his letter speaks to every strength I have. However, he was my direct manager for 2 out of the 3 years I was heading South Asia marketing so it’s my understanding that it’s not ideal to use this as an LOR. Plus, the above letters are from even more senior-level executives. Either way, I would love your inputs!

Please let me know which of the above 3 you think should feature in my LORs.

Also, I’ve spent the last 6 months as a self-employed consultant expanding tech companies - is it alright to put these evidences under “Beyond Occupation?” This is what a Fragomen consultant suggested.