Please help review my profile

Hello everyone.

I want to apply for the Tech Nation endorsement and have been able to put together some documents. I will appreciate it if you could please take a look at my profile below and confirm if everything is in order.

About Me

  • Full Stack Developer for 5 years (includes Senior Developer for 1 year)
  • Graduated from Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with distinction from University of Herts
  • Currently working as a full-stack developer in a contract role in an MNC company.

My recommendations: (all based in London/UK)

  1. COO & CTO of a healthcare startup company who once worked for Apple
  2. CTO of a fintech startup company who worked as a tech investor in multiple businesses.
  3. CEO of a software solutions company who once worked for many other businesses
  4. (optional) CTO & Co-founder of a digital content operations company for UK fashion brands (Burberry, clarks etc.)
  5. (optional) CEO of a hardware payment startup company based in Italy

I started a few projects but they all generated zero or small revenue (< £1000).
Project 1: LetsGtok ( - An emotional intelligence platform. It includes Machine Learning to help people for making better decisions based on the computation of emotional analysis.
Project 2: Demensis - An AI-based dementia predicting tool. Currently, we’re in talks with UCL (university college of London) to collaborate.
Project 3: Perla Infotech - A software solutions company - generated a small income (< £10K) from 2021

My upcoming company:
Project 4: Modulus Solaris - A renewable energy company - Collaboration with them in designing tools.

OC3: Command an offer
Option 1: Currently, I’m working on a contract role that has an annual income of £175K.
Option 2: A letter from one of my previous employers. The employer is related to Biotechnology & Crypto related. And I worked in their company at its early stages.

OC4: Academic related

  • Published a conference paper related to CyberSecurity in Springer (international journal) in 2018. Published a conference paper related to CyberSecurity in IEEE (international journal) in 2017.

Here is my Linkedin Profile - Naga Perla:

I know there’re many outstanding profiles listed here. But, Is there any tiny chance for me to get an endorsement from Tech Nation?

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What exactly is your evidence of leadership. How have you contributed to the ecosystem?

Hi @Naga_Perla, I am a data scientist with 4 years of experience and I am preparing my self for the GTV visa. Let us be in touch and can solve things to gather to crack this one.

This is my LinkedIn profile, if you agree to collaborate, please send a request we can take it from there pal.


I have neither github contributions nor given open conferences (except for my academic purpose). I mainly worked in leadership roles like senior developer, CTO, CEO and transformed the tech teams inside an organisation/startups.

How can I prove this? Is it okay if I bring a letter from shareholders/other business partners in my companies?

It appears you don’t have sufficient evidence for the mandatory criterion. You may need to work on it before submitting and application.

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