Please help review my evidence (Exceptional Promise)


  • Exceptional Promise route
  • Product Manager with less than 5 years of experience
  • Based in the UK on a skilled worker visa, working for a digital tech company
  • All of my experience is in the digital technology sector
  • All my letters of reference and support letters will be written by senior or management-level (director level and above) product leaders, working in the digital technology sector

Mandatory Criteria

  • 1 reference letter from my manager (Director of Product) at my current employer (company A) discussing 2 impactful projects I lead + evidence (screenshots, links, presentations etc). Because my manager recently resigned, we will only have worked together for 8 months, but we’ve worked together at a previous company before so our working relationship is +12 months. In their next role, they’ll be a VP of Product, also in the digital technology sector.
  • Evidence of high salary and stock options at company A.
  • Letter of support from a former colleague (Product Lead at the time) at company B, who will provide evidence of a large initiative I was spearheading that had huge commercial implications for the company/sector.
  • Evidence of high salary and stock options at company B.
  • 1 reference letter from a former manager (then a Group Product Manager) at company C discussing 2 impactful projects I lead + evidence (screenshots, links, presentations etc).
  • Participated in a panel to discuss the ‘future of work’ alongside other digital technology leaders. The event was on Zoom due to covid and attended by 100+ people. Selected to be a mentor for a founders bootcamp for women. I will write about both in the same document.

Optional Criteria 1
At least 1 example of innovation as a founder of a product led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept.

  • I will write about and provide evidence for a large initiative I am spearheading at my current employer (company A). This initiative is an innovative approach to onboarding customers to a peer-to-peer payments app.

Optional Criteria 2
At least 1 example of proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field.

  • Volunteered at a school for digital integration teaching displaced peoples computer skills, so that they could find jobs in the digital technology sector and integrate easier into society. I might write about this myself alongside evidence or provide a letter of support.
  • Organised a 2-day conference at company C around the theme ‘work-life balance’. The event was attended by 200+ employees and sponsored by the company’s CPO at the time.
  • Letter of support from the former CPO of company C. They will discuss how I spearheaded the creation of the company’s women’s employee resource group + evidence (mission statement, was featured on the company’s youtube channel etc.)

Thank you! :purple_heart:

Optional criteria 2 needs to be work outside your immediate employment but your evidence of organising a conference suggests a work you did with the company during your employment.

For OC2 you must be able to evidence that the work is novel and significant. Your definition of ‘innovative’ needs to be substantiated.

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