Please Help: Review my Evidence Docs for Exceptional Promise

I recently completed my PhD in Computer Science and currently working as Postdoc on skilled worker visa. Below are the documents I prepared to apply for EP endorsement:

*** Mandatory Criteria:**

  1. Media coverage of my research output I led in collaboration with other researchers
  2. Employment letter and salary details
  3. Mentoring PhD students, supported with a letter from the employer

*** Optional Criteria 2**
4. Evidence of research collaboration with another institution here in UK
5. Evidence of media coverage of the research above in independent newspaper and Sky news
6. Evidence of mentoring researchers outside my day-to-day activity
7. Evidence of being a reviewer to several journals, and member of conference committees

*** Optional Criteria 4**
8. Evidence of my research publications, supported with Google Scholar Profile
9. Reference letter from Assistant Professor
10. Evidence of research mentoring


  1. Letter from my PhD Supervisor, a professor
  2. Letter from Employee of A Tech Company holding a senior position.
    3.Letter from my current Employer

Please leave comments, and suggest any mistakes or things I should add or correct. Thank you

@Francisca_Chiedu, kindly help please

@May please help review my evidences