Please help review- Exceptional Promise

Background- Over 5 years in tech and about 3 years in product management. Founder of a tech startup and currently in the UK for my masters in Information Systems Management.


  1. Internet articles of my start-up(screenshots and links)
  2. Evidence of work as a product manager in another tech startup, with screenshots of figma screen and Project plan.
  3. CTO reference from the second tech startup

4. Evidence of high salary as a product manager.
5. Screenshot of articles about the tech startup I worked with as a product manager.
6. Screenshot and descritption of university project on a tech product evaluation

7. Evidence of contribution to another startup
8. Metrics and work done on my own startup

Thank you in advance.

You wouldn’t qualify as Exceptional Promise because you have over 5 years in tech, you would be better off applying under Exceptional Talent.

Does the article make mention of you? Do you have other recognition contribution outside your startup?
What’s the profile of your three recommenders?

I think the evidence for innovation are weak. They don’t demonstrate innovation.
Lastly your application is not too string for promise, you also don’t qualify for promise as you have over five years of experience.

Thanks for the response. I do understand, but I’ve seen a few friends with over 5 years still get endorsed for exceptional promise. The problem is I’m not sure my profile is strong enough to go for Talent.

Hi Francisca, thanks for the input. Yes the articles about my start up mentions me, also I’ve worked with other startups and I’ve only got reference and some screenshot of work done as evidence for that. Articles of the other startups do not mention me in particular.

Also when you say Innovation, do you mean my OC1 evidence?