Please Help Review: Confused on which to use with for MC and OC

I have been following the forum for months. Thank you all for your support. I have managed to get the below-listed documents for exceptional promise.

I need help on which one I can use for MC and the one to use for which OCs.
I am currently working in an NGO in a tech role and have my fintech startup I just launched on 1st January 2024. Can I mention both or choose 1?

Personal Statement

Recommendation letter 1: CEO of a FinTech Company
Recommendation letter 1: CEO of a Tech Company
Recommendation letter 1: Assistant Vice President, XX Fintech, and Advisor in my startup

  1. Description and screenshot showing I put my innovative fintech product. Links to the app store, Play Store plus the number of downloads, Screenshot of Figma account with over 100 Mobile User Interfaces and web design, screenshot of admin showing the number of registered users, Google analytic screenshots.

  2. Evidence of majority ownership, incorporation and corporate structure of a fintech company registered in 3 countries showing shares. Letter from the cofounder and CTO of my fintech.

  3. Description and link showing I was Awarded Inspiringfity African women in tech 2023. (link to the announcement, shortlist, and winners).

  4. Awarded a fully funded scholarship by the UK government for my master’s degree – MSc certificate, scholarship, and award letter.

  5. Media recognition Published on gov.UK website about my contribution to tech during covid 19. I was presented to the UK Parliament according to Paragraph 5 (2) of Schedule 2 of the International Development Act 2002.

  6. Links to blogs and websites in the UK about my COVID-19 dashboard. (15 links and newspapers published it including my school and a YouTube page where my school VC mentioned it as part of recognized students.

  7. Part of the development team that built an online platform for CSOs in Nigeria – Reference letter from the executive director of the National Association of NGOs in Nigeria, links to Figma design, links to the portal and admin showing number of onboarded CSOs, links to 2 media mention during the onboarding and training.

  8. Volunteered in 2021 for 1 year as an African woman in GIS West African Coordinator. Links to contributions and events hosted on YouTube with a reference letter from the co-founder.
    8b: Mentorship, capacity building support to young aspiring youths in Africa – Link to website with profiles of mentors and experts where I am included.

  9. Got accepted into an incubator program, passed, and progressed to the accelerator. Accepted into Microsoft startup founder’s program with $25000 and other perks and also accepted into Mongodb Startup program with $5000 value.

  10. Proof of salary in my current role (although this is way high according to the average) but I am skeptical as it is in an NGO.

  11. 2 Proof of signed Agreement for partnerships with a bank and a fintech company. With email exchange. 1 proof of potential; partnership with a UK fintech company still under discussion.

Should I split evidence 8?

Thank you for being so helpful in the review.

Hi @Nnenna_Nkata , you have an impressive profile and i remember you from when you developed the covid tracker for your home country. However, I believe your fintech is extremely recent as it was just released this month. You could add it as supporting but i believe you should go back to old evidences.

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@C91 Thank you so much. Yes, we launched the mobile app on 1st January, but have been operational for 1 year on the side. Do you think I should remove it from MC

@Nnenna_Nkata Yes I will say take it off MC. However, if you have two other evidences that are not recent that you could use for MC, you can then add the fintech as the 3rd but the sad part is you cannot repeat it.

Scholarship for your masters can be used in Academic excellence which should be Oc4 but do you have published papers with a prestigious journal and did you graduate with first class/distinction?

This is my two cents for now, perhaps people who are more knowledgeable can share. I will also advice that to make it easier, you should try looking at the technation guide and dividing your evidences yourself first then we can help to shuffle things around.

You need to split your evidence in to mandatory and 2 optional criteria. It’s easier to provide feedback that way