Please Help Rate My Exceptional Promise Evidence List

Good day all,
I will appreciate it if you could please take a look at my profile below and give recommendations.

About Me
I am a front end developer with 3 years experience in Fintech. I have also found 2 startups.


  1. Letter from a senior software engineer at one of the big payment gateways in the country
  2. Letter from CEO of a Fintech
  3. Letter from a Cofounder of a known and acquired startup


  1. Link from a tech blog describing my startup and referencing me as the founder
  2. Financial projection/business plan of my startup
  3. Pitch deck for prospective investors.


  1. A document describing my most recent startup, feedback from users, website and google analytics metrics
  2. CAC Registration Document
  3. A document describing my first startup, link to web application (no revenue/few users)


  1. A document explaining the impact of my code on the company’s web platform, how it helped bring in x number of users, made transactions on the user and in house platform seamless.
  2. Employment letter that indicates i lead the IT department and my responsibilities.
  3. Reference letter from Head of department(Management Board)

@Francisca_Chiedu Please your input will be helpful. Thank you

First you have three years experience so you are not eligible for exceptional talent. You need to read the tech nation guide and work on your evidence. How does Financial projection and pitch deck demonstrate that you are a leader. In all the evidence you have provided for OC1 and OC3 are not sufficient to endorse you for exceptional talent. I do not work for Tech Nation, my feedback is based on the requirement stated in the guide.

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That was a mistake, i meant to type Promise not talent

Will the evidences in OC1 and OC3 suffice for Exceptional promise?

The evidence for OC1 is not sufficient how does it show innovation. Innovation? For OC3 are you showing your GitHub contribution?

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OC1: I do not know if you can give examples of how to show this because in the document i plan to submit for OC1. It explains what the startup is about and how it is quite unique, it also shows proof of the app in market and traction.
OC3: Yes i will show my Github contribution.
Any comment on my mandatory evidences?

Thank you

1) How do I demonstrate that I have a proven track record or examples of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company or an employee working in a new digital field or concept?

You can demonstrate this by providing evidence of any genuine and significant product-led digital technology businesses you have established as a founder or senior executive which is currently active or has been dissolved in the last five years. Any company provided as evidence should demonstrate a level of income beyond solely covering the applicant’s salary and must have been commercially successful or otherwise demonstrate how the applicant meets the endorsement criteria.

Examples of relevant evidence include:

  • Evidence of innovation/product development, proof of product in market and associated traction through revenue.
  • Evidence for each business should include your last set of audited accounts, projections for current financial year and articles of association.
  • Evidence of domestic and/or international sales should show customer numbers for each country in which the company is operating, including a ranking of your distribution channels with a breakdown of when these sales were achieved for each channel (i.e. online, physical retail, 3rd party distributors, resellers etc.).
  • Evidence of employment contract with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings.

Papers or patent applications which have been made solely to support the timing of your application are unacceptable.

If you are an employee working in a new digital field or concept, this must be clearly demonstrated, for example by providing a patent application (patent should include verifiable ID on Google Patents).