Please Help!..Plead for Assistance to review my application

Hello team,

I came across this platform a day after applying for the stage 1 endorsement from tech nation and discovered several mistakes in my application based on the comments and post here. I write to plead for a review from professional here if I qualify. I applied for global talent visa (Leader). below is my profile link.

Profile links :
Taiye Adeshina Abayomi - Credly

On my application I attached the below documents
Motivation letter
Recommendation letters - 1. CEO of Salubata - USA
2. Senior lecturer, Swansea University computer science- UK
3. CEO of a green energy engineering company and senior
manager of pinnacle oil and gas
10 Documents:
Unique Evidence:

  1. Amazon and Google Certificates (Amazon Business Challenge Winner 2023 and Google Africa Developer scholarship Certificate of completion for cloud)
  2. BSc & MSc Certificates (MSc Computer Science and BSc Metallurgical & Materials Engineering)
  3. Conference Speakers proof (Wales Tech Week Invited panel Speaker and Cloud Fest 2024 invited attendee)
  4. EDANL Nigeria Incorporation (Co-Founder)- Solution to low power supply [solar inverters installations]and some engineering problems in Nigeria.

5. Cowrie Scholarship Foundation ( Professional Mentor to the scholars)
6. EDANL Nominated for the 2021 Impact Investor Summit and grant
7. Cybersecurity Bootcamp proof (Nominated for the 2023 Cyber boot camp in Wales)

6. PMP & Data Analysis Certifications (professional certification and training)
7. Workplace proofs- (Oando Mail and First bank ID card
8. Dr. Amina Ogundiran’s Recommendation Letter - {President of LEAP Africa Alumni Network, Assistant professor and Head of grants bowen University USA endorsing me as the Director of Administrator of LEAP Africa Alumni Network and recommending me}

Documents available but not attached due to the time frame (which is more than 5 years)

  1. NYSC State Honours Award 2016 for renovating a library that was attacked by Boko haram in the army barracks
  2. Letter of Attestation by the Nigeria Army 2016
  3. Bill Gates and Unesco Award 2010
  4. Excellence Award by Nigerian top executives in the Engineering and Manufacturing industry 2015 publication

Kindly advise if I made a mistake because i ensured every document is at most 3 A4 pages.

I can also send my application to anyone who will like to personally mentor me on this as I am presently on care tier 2 and have lost several IT opportunities because of sponsorship .
Please Help

If you ask me, I think you should withdraw your application. What you have submitted doesn’t meet the mandatory and optional criteria. You third recommender may not be a qualified expert in the field of digital technology.