Please help me review my application - Exceptional talent

Hello everyone,

I am applying for “Exceptional talent” - I have 14 years of experience in the IT industry and 7 years as a data scientist.

The documents I have are:

  1. Contribution to a patent that is granted when I worked for the company as an employee- I have the link to the patent which is public and my name shows up.
  2. My 2 tech projects that created a commercial impact: I have a letter of recommendation from the CEO of the company who I worked with, the company is based out of UK and is a middle size company.
  3. My 1 tech project that created a commercial impact: I have a letter of recommendation from the President of the company who I worked with. Mid size company in Japan.
  4. My 1 tech project that created a commercial impact: I have a letter of recommendation from the Founder and CEO of the company who I worked with. Small size company in India
  5. My 1 tech project that created a commercial impact: I have a letter of recommendation from the CEO of the company who I worked with. Funded start up company in India.
  6. Personal statement
  7. LOR from my Professor under whose supervision I finished my MSc Data Science desertion that gave me distinction
  8. LOR from another Professor who had given me an offer on email asking me to do a Phd with him.
  9. Articles in the media( do not have my name anywhere) that talk about my project and the impact it caused in the country but the letter of recommendation states it clearly with the links.
  10. My latest salary slip in the UK which is £64.5K per year (is it worth showing?)
  11. My MSc Data science certificate that says distinction (will it help?)

My last designation was Senior Analytics consultant in London with a digital product company.

Do I have to show documents of the companies financial reports, I can do it from whatever is available publicly.
The contributions I made are now the IP’s of these companies so, they would not share the evidence but they shared recommendation letters. Does that work?

This is all I got. Please advise!

Can someone please guide me?

Kindly assist @May @alexnk

There is a lot of room to improve based on your given information.

  • I only see document #1 showing OC1, which may not be enough for a Talent route. You need to supply 2-3 on each criterion.
  • The commercial impact seems to have 5 documents (#2,3,4,5,9) which could be too many for OC3. Just select the best 3 (or 4 max) to prove your OC3. And make sure that you can quantify them, and have LoR to confirm the truth of your evidence.
  • I see that you have 6 LoR. This may be taking too many evidence spaces, and limiting your strength of your evidence, and so your entire application. Please be reminded that LoR is not to be used as main evidence. It is only for supporting and making the other evidence stronger.
  • Article without your name, but it can be confirmed with the LoR of a trusted referer.
  • Pay slip, you need to compare it to the industry benchmark. Hopfully it is 90% above the industry average. You may use Glassdoor, or anything similar to benchmark them. If it works out, it can be one of your MC.
  • The think the distinction of your dissertation may fall into OC4. You need to see through yourself which OC you can really present your case to Tech Nation.
  • Try to get more data for your evidence. Do not try to rely on LoR.


  • Be noted that the consultancy role does not count by Tech Nation. You need to work in a product-led company.
  • Make sure that these documents happened within 5 years maximum.

In conclusion & suggestion:
Your application for the talent route will not meet the criteria and will not be enough to influence the assessor. I see that you have done a lot in your career, therefore I hope that you may be able to draw out something more to fit the mandatory criteria and 2 optional criteria. Take more time to read the guideline, see all examples, and think about what could have been your evidence that you can go and search/look/ask for.

The LOR’s are taken from the company where I worked. As my contributions are the Intellectual properties. They cannot give it out in the public domain. The evidence is not public. Will the LOR with the accomplishment written in it be enough?

Letters of Reference alone are not sufficient and should be supported by other evidence. You should provide some of the evidence by snapshots of your email, internal chat, or anything to show your contribution, at least to let the assessor know that you did contribute, and explain the innovation concept.