Please help me in positioning my application - UX/UI or Entrepreneur


I’m planning to apply for the Global Talent Visa in September/October.

I have been a Visual & UX/UI Designer for six years with a fintech company based in the UK, working under a skilled worker visa. Two of those years were spent working remotely. Additionally, I have collaborated with several other companies on a project basis.

Recently, I launched a marketplace for artisan home decor, where I handled the entire setup and UI design. We have onboarded over 30 partners and were part of an accelerator program by the University of Westminster, from which we received a grant. Additionally, I was also invited by the university for a talk about my entrepreneur journey and marketing.

I’m unsure how much to highlight about my startup since we are still fairly new and don’t have much traction yet.

As I prepare my GTV application, could you advise me on how to best position myself, given the two roles as a UX/UI Designer and an Entrepreneur? Also, if anyone have any tips to make my application stronger?

Thank you!

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@Deeksha_Talreja Hi!

  • You should mention about your startup for sure! Esp when you have already started onboarding partners. Please highlight the impact, even if limited as of now, your forecasted revenue, plans, etc. I had a similar story and I used one full document to detail my business plan along with a letter from my cofounder (our product wasn’t even launched but had registered the company and started looking for partners)

  • For designers, they are looking for “value of your design” and not for “value of tech you built”. Hence please use impact metrics like increase in daily visits, time spent by user, CTR, etc before and after design implementation, perhaps even play store feedback mentioning design features.

  • Important to highlight impact of your design in every evidence you furnish: before and after, A/B tests, metrics, user feedback, support letter from company, external links showcasing your design, moodboards, diagrams etc are key

Attaching below feedback/ideas I had shared for another UI/UX profile few days ago:

  • Another third-party source could be if these companies made any social comment or published the launch of a new UI/UX through their social media channels or Blog or Linkedin or perhaps even on Playstore (sometimes there are customer reviews & feedback on playstore that have feedback about new enhancements).
  • Since you are a UI/UX developer, they are not looking for innovation in tech but innovation in system/product design, how you created that, how it worked before and after and why was it unique.
    You can strengthen this by giving some user metrics (mentioned above) along with snapshots of A/B testing done before final launch. Here again, before and after metrics because of change in design are important. Essentially you need to prove “the design” value here.
  • Any other outside projects & contributions to the designer community that influenced a design innovation?

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @pahuja for all these valuable points!
I’ll consider them all while preparing for my application and will start working on it accordingly. Truly appreciate it!

@Deeksha_Talreja Good luck!!

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You could include your startup if you consider it an innovative work, and you may provide proof of the product development, and the UI design contribution you made (evidence can include feedbacks from users about the design), the partners onboarded, the accelerator program and state how you won the grant.
If you have gotten positive feedback from the onboarded partners, include the screenshot as well.

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That’s a great idea—we’ll share a survey with both buyers and sellers to gather feedback on their experience on the platform.

Thank you @May