Please help Evidence more than 10pages

Hello alumni in the house, please advice. Product specification and wireframe more than 10pages, and all pages are relevant. It’s up to 30pages.

Please advice @Francisca_Chiedu and others yours response please

The guide is clear, your evience can’t be more than 3 pages. You can’t show everything. You turn them into images and paste in word to compress 10pages into three.

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There’s always a way to show the most relevant details in fewer pages. You can then include a link to the 30-page compendium if it’s really necessary that they must see it.

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@Francisca_Chiedu and @ask4jubad thanks just what I am about to do,

  1. introduction/approval page
  2. version control specification page summary
  3. Logic overview and connection process page

Then add link to the document on the first page and my CV

@Francisca_Chiedu I am adding another published material to the MC but it was approved last month, can this work please ?

Thanks in anticipation

What kind of published material is it?

@ask4jubad one of it is relating to the role of AI in digital technology sector transformation and the other relating to phishing website detection using machine learning both research started a long ago but was approved in January

In your judgment, are the media deemed industry-level media outlet as required by TN’s guide?

You should also try to show how you had submitted a while back and that it just got approved so that it is not misconstrued as having been published solely for the purpose of Stage 1 endorsement application.

Don’t use a recent publication

By recent how old it should be?
Is 2 months old fine?
Please advise

it is clearly recent. I have seen a feedback suggesting that 6 montgs is recent

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