Please help evaluate my profile for Exceptional promise [ Thanks in advance]

Dear All,

Firstly, I want to say thanks to all the contributors to this forum. I have been following the posts for a few days now, I have learnt so much about the application process, really can’t thank the volunteers enough.

I’m a prospective applicant for the UK global talent visa under exceptional promise. I am in the starting stages of my application and wanted to seek some suggestions on my application

I work for a digital technology company in the research and innovation department. I have a total of 4.5 years of experience in Machine Learning and Data Science.

Letter of Recommendations

  1. From the Sr. Director of Technology of the company where I spent my first 3 years of career. This letter talks about my experience in building core products, my technical abilities and my contribution to the tech community
  2. Head of Department of my university (HoD holds a PhD and has 20+ years of academic experience). Talks about my research and contributions to Government initiated projects and my contributions to organising the tech events in the university.
  3. Founder/CEO of the startup company where I worked as a freelancer for 14 months. Talks about my technical abilities and how my work helped their product grow.

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Higher Salary document (Info from Glassdoor, current offer letter)
  • Evidence:Showing my Contract letter showing a 110% increase in salary between my last two roles
  1. Role participating in panels and assessing others’ work
  • Evidence: A 3-page document describing my invitation as a judge for a university hackathon and assessing over 100 projects(Related to technology). The other judges for this event were CXOs and directors of Fortune 100 tech companies. (Included newspaper clippings, e-paper links, YouTube video links, and Assessment photographs)
  1. Led growth of a social enterprise or NGO
  • Evidence: A reference letter from the NGO stating my contributions to their platform and how my work has benefitted them. NGO is backed by renowned international award winners
  1. Speaker at high-profile technology sector event
  • Evidence: A 3-page document stating the various international tech events I have been invited. (Attached are photos, invitation emails, website links and video links)
  1. Led growth of product-led companies
  • Evidence:Letter from VP product on my contributions to multiple product developments. Talking about my technical contributions and module implementations.

Optional Criteria 2: (Out of work primary job)

  1. Evidence of Mentorship
  • Evidence: Mentor at GSoC (Google summer of code) for two years. A reference letter from GSoC org admin stating my technical contributions, new initiatives in product and mentoring new community members
  • Evidence: Mentored over 200 students on the public cloud platform through my mentorship programme. (Attached meeting screenshots, schedule, and student testimonials)
  • Evidence: Letter from university confirming how I helped in advancing the digital technology knowledge for Students and Professors.
  1. Speaking at a digital technology event
  • Evidence: A document with the event details, links to videos, photos and medium article about my talk. Both national and international events

Optional Criteria 3: (Significant contributions as an employee)

  1. Development of high impact digital product
  • Evidence 1: A reference letter from Sr Director on my contribution to product development. In addition, adding the code snippets, product designs and architecture.
  • Evidence 2: product architecture diagram, dashboard designs and code commit with clearly describing my contribution. Intellectual property registration proof

My Queries:

  • The current company I work for has consulting and product revenue streams. However, I work for the proprietary product development vertical and innovation team. Would this impact my application in any way?
  • One of my 3 LoRs is from my professor/head of department. In my case, Is that a good choice of the referee?
  • Are there some areas where I can make improvements?
  • I had a chance to speak at multiple digital technology events, can I use them in both optional criteria 2 and mandatory criteria as evidence.

Please let me know if the evidence and examples I quoted are good enough to make a strong case. Appreciate the help in advance.

@Francisca_Chiedu @mclarenf1 @westside @4rmSlum2uk , Appreciate your feedback on my profile :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not limiting the reviews as I’m open to any and every feedback and suggestion. Your valuable feedback is highly appreciated

Thank you!

I think you’ll need to prove this to TN just so they don’t categorise your work as being within a consulting/service company especially if the company’s website does not clearly show this distinction in verticals.


For the promise route, you have a strong profile in my opinion.


  1. Higher Salary document (Info from Glassdoor, current offer letter)

Did you compare this based on the UK salary using glassdoor or based on your home country’s salary?

I compared my salary with home country salary and also mentioned the equivalent in UK currency by using Currency converter

Thank you @devo614. So you provided further link to show salary range in your home country such as glassdoor and converted it?

If the salary is in $$, do I still need to convert it to ££?

Yes, you are right

This is not mandatory, I have mentioned it as this would be easy for assessor’s reference. :slight_smile:

Hello ,

( Sorry I flagged your response by mistake, it seems I can’t undo it)

I think using only currency converter won’t be showing full picture as each country has different power of purchase. Hence you need ppp converter like these

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May I know the ppp converter is official link which can be used for application?