Please help evaluate my profile. Exceptional Promise or Exceptional Talent

Good day all,

I want to apply for the Tech Nation endorsement and have been able to put together some documents. I will appreciate it if you could please take a look at my profile below and confirm if everything is in order.

About Me

  • Program Manager for 3 years
  • Business Analyst/Product Manager 9
  • Currently on a student Visa in the UK studying MSC in Information Technology.
  • Have my own company, where I developed a Loan Management application that is currently used by a loan provider and I have an agreement with a company to market it to prospective lenders

Recommendation from:

  • A CEO of a tech company in the UK that we have both worked together in the development of a £2M software
  • A top IT consultant in the UK who once worked for Microsoft
  • A CTO in a tech company in Nigeria

Mandatory Criteria Evidence
I am the program manager for a loan aggregator solution and I will be providing

  • A reference from my MD
  • Sales projection
  • Pitch deck for prospective investors

Optional Criteria Evidence (OC1)
I will be providing the following evidence for the loan management application I built using my company

  • Screenshots of the application and a link to the site
  • Reference letter from the MD of the loan company using it
  • CAC Certificate

Optional Criteria Evidence (OC3)

  • Screenshot of roadmap documents I created for the loan aggregator software
  • The architecture diagram that was created by me for this application
  • Evidence of been added to the board and allocation of shares to me by my current employer based on impact
  • Evidence of changing our project methodology from waterfall to Agile-scrum

You are clearly an Exceptional Talent, good luck with your application, mate

Thank you @mfilippov.

@Francisca_Chiedu and @Shreeniwas_Iyer, I would really appreciate your kind review of my application above. Thank you!

From the tech nation guide, I think consultants are generally not considered suitable for LOR.

Thank you for the reply. Would a LOR from the Head of Digital Marketing at my current place of work count?

You currently do not have string evidence for the mandatory criterion. How does your current evidence show that your are a recognized leader in your sector? It only just shows your contribution to the company. What other external recognition nor contributions do you have. Secondly how does your evidence for option criteria 1 show innovation? You really need to improve your evidence. Good luck

Thank you for your review and feedback. I don’t have any external contributions like speaking at an Invite, news publication or contributing to an open-source application. However, I did receive an excellent award in 2015 as one of the top IT executives in Nigeria. I am also the team lead in my school for the Google development students club. Do you think these two address your point on the mandatory criteria evidence?

For your second point, would a small write-up justifying the impact the application has had on the business, how it was uncommon when it was developed, and also showing sales dashboards work?

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

As for the award, 2015 is over five years so it doesn’t count. As for being a team lead not sure how you will evidence that, will you get a reference letter from Google? For the sale, did it have international distribution. Showing proof for innovation, is not so clear cut as the examples in the guide are limited.

Looks rad but it is all in the storytelling. Make sure everything ties together and it shows in your Personal Statement. TechNation wants to see you that you have thought through it. How your story plugs into what you want to do in the UK.

@Francisca_Chiedu, I see what you mean. Unfortunately, I can’t get a reference letter from Google. For sale, the application is available on the internet and anyone can use it provided they have access to it the link.

@oladayo_leggo, Noted. I will work on the personal statement.

Thanks for the feedback. This is much appreciated.

Where is your company incorporated? Maybe for mandatory you can demostrate more into this!
you have developed a loan management application? were you the founder? were you involved in the innovation process? are you having registered trademark? do you own shares in this project?

Thank you for the response. Please my answer in bold below.

Where is your company incorporated? Nigeria. Maybe for mandatory you can demostrate more into this! Yes, I have the registration document.
you have developed a loan management application? Yes were you the founder? Yes were you involved in the innovation process? Yes are you having registered trademark? Nodo you own shares in this project? Yes.

i think these are the key documents for you that you to provide.
see what supporting documents you can have to prove your innovation journey. including tractions of your project.

Thank you @Maya. This is appreciated.