Please help Afraid my application is taking too long

Hi there , I sent in my Application for Stage one on the 13th of August 2022 , and received confirmation on the 14th August 2022 . going by timelines other Stage 1 applications go for 1 - 2 weeks , I am starting to get Uneasy since i haven’t heard from Tech Nation since .

@Francisca_Chiedu would you please let me know if this is normal ? should i contact Tech Nation ? when should I contact Tech Nation ?

Thank you for your help in advance

From the Tech Nation guide, Stage 1:

This stage takes up to 8 weeks to be processed. If your application is considered under ‘Fast Track’ then you may get an endorsement decision in 3 weeks.

You just have to wait. Tech Nation is working within the recommended time frame. No two applications are the same, so you wouldn’t compare yours with those who got their decisions quicker.
Good luck.

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how many edits did you get so far?

Thanks for your response , I’ve read in other threads about applications that would get processed
in a far shorter period of time that were not even considered under fast track but i guess since it’s still within the allotted timeframe i’ll wait

Didn’t know about Edits until i noticed my first one . which was on the 5th Sept 2022 application having been submitted 14th August .

if it was edited 5th September, you may get it soon. Also check your junk email for application update from home office.

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@Orchide_Irakoze_SR any news?

Where does one check edits?

Hi @Maya , nope no news up to now . I am starting to brace for a refusal as today marks 30 days , noticed that most applications that go further than that end up in a refusal we’ll see.

On your dashboard click preview

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@Orchide_Irakoze_SR I think you are counting weekends and bank holidays. so, Monday 29 Aug was bank holiday and next Monday 19 Sep is bank holiday too. Hopefully you will hear from them within this week. Best of Luck!


Hello Fransisca,
Please i need your help here “Please provide the names of documents submitted in support of your mandatory ‘leading talent’ criteria for Exceptional Talent:” am i suppose to attach the the docs here or write all the details here? if there is a way you can guide me thru. i will appreciate it.

Would you provide context for us to understand , what did you provide and when did you submit ?

i think @sammie is referring to Tech Nation Application. if so, at the start you will have to provide a list of documents of what you are attaching to your application. after that, or in th evidence section you can attach the documents in their.

May I know what is the meaning of “edit” please?

after you submit your application in TechNation Portal, you will have the option to click preview, and it will show you when the application was submitted and last edited. You will see the dates changing of last edit depending on their assessment.

from this forum and colleagues, you will get at least an edit, twice, or 3 times and i have seen some cases going up to 6 times until you receive the decision on your application.

applicants normally check regularly this to see whether their application is process and hoping to receive the outcome after the edits been done.

hope this explains perfectly what it is

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Thank you for your reply.

May I know the “edit” is done by applicant or TechNation?
Is that mean after I submit, I can still edit?

no, once you submit you will not be able to amend anything. You will only be able to review and check last edits.

edits are done by assessors not applicants.

Thank you for your reply.

So the “edits date” is done by assessors. I am confused why assessors want to “edit”, and is not using the term “view”?

they are not actually editing your application , it is something internal we dont know much about and i cant advise as im not working there. to simplify it for you , it is editing the status of your application maybe by providing feedback or scoring system and we do not have access to that.

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