Please Evaluate; I am confused to apply or not!

Dear Tech Stars,
I really appreciate your support.
Please evaluate my application for an exceptional promise, particularly considering,

  • Evidence weightage
  • Linkage of evidence (some in OC might be suitable in MC)
  • Validity (expired, replication, valid)

MC1: Publication: A survey paper (Computer Networks, ELSEVIER, 2020) citations=11
MC2: Research engineer in quantum cryptography (May 2022-Aug2022), has to leave due to a change in visa status, otherwise, the contract was for two years (salary > £36,000/annum)
MC3: Implementation of a NIST document in 2015 with C# (SP 800-22 Rev. 1a), has saved institution’s £ millions until so far, is still in use. A letter from Prof of that institute is arranged.

OC2: (Lab demonstration at XYZ university in UK, at under-grad level; beyond day-to-day PhD work)
OC2.1: Object-oriented programming with C++
OC2.2: embedded systems

OC3: (requirement is impact, not innovation)
OC3.1: Publication: Physical layer security related framework in 2017 IEEE Conf.
But the impact came in 2019, and 2020 (with two IEEE-Access publications) my proposed framework was used these papers.

OC4.1: IEEE-Access 2019 publication (i am 3rd author, among 3; OC3.1)
OC4.2: MS completed with a distinction printed on my Transcript.

AND - PhD is not completed, therefore, at an early stage of my career.

Please do not hesitate to advise, I may not meet their criteria (i.e., confused).

Looking forward to your valuable time. Many thanks

Kind Regards

You are showing evidence for three optional criteria, you need to make up your mind on the criteria you want to present. I think you could use OC4 I think your OC2 is weak. You don’t need to have completed your PhD, you just need your PhD supervisor to affirm “their potential world class standard”
Evidence of peer+reviewed research grant if any.

As for the mandatory criteria I think it is not so string, so you have any conference Speaking? You also can’t use a 2015 evidence, you may need to get the reference to focus on the impact within the last five years.


MC2 is a contract right which is what is required in the MC, also a payslip if you can produce seems to qualify the MC imo.

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Thank you, for your helpful suggestions. Please, guide me on

1. Could I use “Lecturer at University ( but not in the UK)” - taught engineering-related courses between 2016-2018, in OC2 to strengthen it?
I also came, runner-up at a competition at my UK-based ABC university.

2. Could I merge OC3, into OC4?

3. A letter from PhD-supervisor (apart from three recommendation letters) to MC. [I do not have a conference speaking].

4. If I get a reference to show the impact of 2015’s work within the last 5 years, would it strengthen my MC? [here, I am highlighting the impact in < 5 years, not 2015’s work].

AND - Thank you, for being so supportive.

Kind Regards

Yes please, this is true. I do have payslips.

Is your work as a lecturer a paid role?

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Yes, please. that was a paid role.

It doesn’t qualify for OC2.

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I also delivered a few tutorials on a regular basis (evidenced by the letter from a Prof), apart from regular teaching duties. they were not paid or counted in working hours. would these qualify?

It’s upto you, I have told you what I know. It will most likely be seen as part of your job besides it does not seem to carry a lot of weight .

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Many Thanks. These suggestions helped me to understand, where am I standing.

Kind Regards