Please comment on my stage 1 documentations

Currently I can arrange the following as per my portfolio.

1- Three recommendation letter from C-Level executives to whome I have worked.

2- My volunteer work with NGOs with Local community with respect to Mentoring in the Cyber Security field

3- Volunteer workshops evidence which I have managed with the cybersecurity field.

4- My exceptional promotion by board members to Seniro Vice Presdent level Evidence.

5- Interneational Conference Evidence which I attend.

6- My IEEE conference publication

7- Local community recognission by publicly enlisting in list of Local heroes list .

8- My International Certifications in the field Master Level Degrees

9- Formal Training evidences

10- Letter of appreciations from different authroities on my work.
11- My name published in Official magazine of large government to recongnize my contributions.
12- My workshops published in press release of an orgnaization.
13- I am currently holding C level position

does this evidence will suffice to apply for stage 1 application, please guide on it.

can you beak your evidence into 3 criteria. What optional criteria are you trying to prove?

@Francisca_Chiedu please look into it and guide.

You need to read the updated guide. You can’t repeat the same evidence in multiple criteria.

I see that you intend to use the same evidence to fulfill both mandatory and optional criteria for number 2 and some other ones, how do you intend to work on that?

According to the guideline, you need to provide unique evidence

Referencing it here for you:
“At least 2 unique documents showing you are recognised as either a leading talent or potential talent (see Mandatory Criteria) and at least 4 unique documents showing you have any two of the other necessary skills (see Optional Criteria). You cannot use the same piece of evidence for more than one criteria.”

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