Please clarify:you must submit your Tech Nation application form no more than 15 working days after you submitted your Home Office application

while reading the tech nation guide, under the application process stage 1 I saw this sentence which is confusing 'In order for your Stage 1 application to be valid you must submit your Tech Nation application form no more than 15 working days after you submitted your Home Office application. Failure to submit your Tech Nation application form will result in your application being rejected as invalid.

I understand that Tech Nation is stage 1, and stage 2 is the home office. so the above is confusing. Please help clarify.

Tech nation is stage 1, but remember the application phase started from Home office where you were given like UAN or so. Once home office confirms that they have received your intention to apply for GTV Endorsement, it is expected that within 15 days you are to submit the concluding parts, your documents - the main part anyway -on the tech nation’s website.

Thanks for this.I missed this part of the instruction.Can you please give fiurther details; UAN etc.Much appreciated

Everything you need is here. You need to read it as much as possible. You need to apply for endorsement on UK gov website and submit your evidence on tech nation website. All information is provided in the guide

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Thank you very much.I get it now

Hey, I am applying now in the Home Office website before apply to Tech Nation, but I am confused as well. I haven’t been able to find where to pay and obtain the UAN and do the first payment, I’m immediately sent to pay the Insurance, that I know this should be paid after endorsement.
Do you know how can I continue to apply for tech nation first, or how is it?

Very thanks in advance

You can continue your application by using the email UKVI sent to you when you started you application.

Hi all,

I just tried to view the TN application form and I get an error message “Sorry, your account has been deactivated or is not ready to be used yet. Please contact the site administrator if you believe you are receiving this message in error.”

Is this because I need to start the UVKI process and pay first, then come back and access the form?

I was hoping to check it out in advance. My current visa ends in 5 weeks so I am almost ready to start the process (switch / apply from inside UK).

I have read the TN guidance a dozen times over the last 9 months, but I still feel like some things are only clear as you go through them. I appreciate the people who answer kindly as it is a stressful process. Good luck to all!

You can start a new registration process .

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