Pleaase review my application for exceptional promise:)

Firstly, wow. Wish I had found this sooner! I’m about ready to hit submit on my application but wanted to check in with this community get your thoughts.

My background:
I am a digital technology startup founder. My company has created a mobile based platform that allows musicians to build virtual worlds where they can engage their fan bases through games, events, performances etc. We drive revenue through in-app digital collectible sales and ticketing. The business was incorporated just over a year ago. In 12 months we’ve raised $771,000 USD in pre-seed funding, earned just under $600,000 in revenue, have just completed a music technology accelerator program with Abbey Road Studios and are set to launch publicly with a UK based Universal Music signed artist in April.

Here’s my application

Letters of Recommendation:

LOR1: Innovation Manager of the music tech program at Abbey Road Studios.

LOR2: CEO of Digital product company operating in the web 3.0 space.

LOR3: CEO of decentralized finance company.


You have received nationally or internationally recognised prizes or awards for excellence specifically in the digital technology sector.

Evidence 1) signed contract with Abbey Road Studios + newspaper clippings from Music Business Worldwide and the Abbey Road website.


**Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector.

Evidence 2) Forbes online article about me and my business.

I led the growth of a product-led digital technology company, product or team inside a digital technology company.

Evidence 3) Employment contract excerpt + reference letter from industry expert and advisor to the business certifying our growth to 15 employees.

You have received nationally or internationally recognised prizes or awards for excellence specifically in the digital technology sector.

Evidence 4) MusicAlly finalist award for innovative technology companies in music tech. award + newspaper clippings


How do I demonstrate that I have a proven track record or examples of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company or an employee working in a new digital field or concept?

Evidence 5) Audited account of last year showing revenue earned.

Evidence 6) reference letter from the accountant who certifies these accounts.

Evidence 7) Financial projections for 2023


How do I demonstrate that I have made a significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company?

Evidence 8) signed investment contracts from our lead investor.
Evidence 9) Github code base
Evidence 10) incorporation docs showing im a shareholder

Let me know your thoughts, unsure on whether I should have two different mandatory criteria for awards or if that should be combined into one?

I think your evidence looks good for exceptional promise. For innovation, why don’t your show proof of product development. Financial Statement is good but it will be good to show proof of the product and what makes it innovative? I also think audited statement and letter from account should be merged as one evidence. For MC1, signed contract with a music studio is not an award of excellence.

Good point, I’ve switched this up and am using Abbey Road evidence as proof of innovation in the mandatory criteria.

Thanks for your reply

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mandatory criteria is not for showing proof of innovation

@Francisca_Chiedu, I just found out that OC3 has open source too. Can someone submit open source for that part to support apart from the impact (metrics) of the products I led…

I have a lot of open source projects and I have used some for MC, OC2 and I’m thinking of using for OC3 since it’s part of the examples.

One of the open source I’m trying to show is flowbite ( I’ll add links to my contributions and the impact of the library by showing downloads, discussion etc

You shouldn’t confuse OC2 and OC3 evidence. If the code is part of the contribution you made to a product of a digital technology company, it’s suitable for OC3. If it’s done outside your immediate employment then it’s for OC2.

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