Plase help review - Evidences for Exceptional Promise (Designer & Entrepreneurs)

Hello everyone! Really appreciate anybody who helps me review my application in advance.
I applied and got a sad result early this year. Only get OC3 passed.

Here is my new application:
Statement of Purpose Outline:

  • Introduction: Explanation of my entry into the product design and innovation
  • Passion: Elaboration on my driving interests, such like green tech
  • Personal Evolution: as a designer, my key skills, academic background, impact in design community
  • Contribution to the UK Tech Scene: Articulation of my anticipated impact on the UK tech landscape. Discuss my startup’s future plan revenue in the UK


  1. CPO for a Startup project: introduction of the product and innovation concept. work file screen short. personal media interview regarding to Product strategy & design. proof of co-founder agreement and company house to proof ownership.

  2. 4 Public speaking: a. Mentor sharing session in UAL (top2 art school globally). b. legacy talk sharing session in UAL Service design. c. industry experts sharing session at China’s largest B-focused product design community. d Guest Speakers at the global leader tech BootCamp
    For each speech, I have an introduction for my topic and the organization. screenshot for an email invitation, picture when I speak. number of audience.

  3. 2023 Juror for a global design award: introduction of the size of awards. detail about my job. screenshot of my juror post and name on the juror list (official web). invitation email.

  4. 2023 sliver winner of an international creative award with app category: introduction of the size of awards. number of overall entries. our app is the idea about personal CRM. screenshot on sliver winner information on official web.

  5. Media coverage: a. mentor in UAL for two years, invitation email for UAL, the screenshot of a conversation with a mentee.
    b. Published material on a China major trade UI Design publications’ media.
    c. podcast exclusive episode with the Global largest Chinese-language design podcast.
    d.Podcast exclusive episode with American Biographical Podcast


  1. Innovative Royalty Income Calculating Platform concept and design: detail about the project, innovative concept and solution. work file screenshot, performance data, 2023 annual financial report and broken down into distribution channels and each country, Employment contract, and media coverage.
  2. Innovative Royalty Income Calculating Platform reference letters: letter from the sr manager who hired me.
  3. Founding UX/UI Designer for a green tech company - design for two sustainability features in the App: project summary, innovation points of these two ideas and how I visualize the data to achieve the goal. screenshot of the design, screenshot for media recognised, CEO comments of my work, employment contract, media report and Crunchbase screenshot of investment received for our business

OC3: (same as last time)

  1. Green-tech reference letter: The CEO wrote me a litter about my contribution and how much revenue we achieved together.
  2. Enhance the OMS for this green tech company: talked about how I improved the work flow for the supply chain by designing this OMS, and what kind of problem I solved. design working file, employment contract, News about business scale-up.

Looking forward to you responses.


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Sorry to bother you all over the weekend, but really looking forward to your INPUT!
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Hi @Tiah1Z ,
I am also trying to put a couple of evidence together and the forum have been super helpful.

Do you mind sharing hints from the feedback you got for your last application?


OC3 got approval for the CEO letter and project description,
OC1 and MC both failed I feel it is like all things considered, maybe I have fewer public speaking engagements and my supply chain projects don’t understand the value of the designer in them. so that’s why I want to try again

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@Tiah1Z Welcome back to re-apply. Hope this will be a better application and be endorsed later. here are my comments

Are they too recent? More than 6 months and being consistent? Otherwise, they will look fine to me. But details should be cross check again to match Tech Nation requirements.

Does this time your OC1 change, that you have a better track record of your work in the innovation? The reason I am asking is that your track record of changing companies regularly will be difficult to change. If so, the OC1 will have much more opportunity to be endorsed.

I hope this helps @Tiah1Z

Thank you so much, I applied yesterday! Hoping good things coming

Let us know the result then. @Tiah1Z

Just got the best news of the year today! Wait around 24days. No edit on today.

Hoping other designers can get some insights from my journey


Congratulations! @Tiah1Z

Big congratulations!