Pieces of evidences

Hi Guys,

Please for those who have multiple major awards, can we use them for two pieces of evidences or all the awards can only be used once out of the 10 required pieces of evidence?


You can use it in any way you desire. Making it more than 1 is also fine. Making all awards into 1 evidence is also fine. Depends on what else you want to submit.

BTW, the trick to squeeze a bit more into one evidence is to put thumbnail of the awards (assuming they are PDF) and then link them to the original size of the document on the cloud somewhere (Google, Dropbox).


This is very helpful and apt. Thanks!

In addition to @Shreeniwas_Iyer 's response, I will just add that you may want to include one or two of the awards on one of your 3-paged documents. (perhaps 2 side by side on one landscape page) and you can include the Google Drive links to the others. I typically prefer the links to be visible on the document (for copy and paste) rather than as hyperlinks. I am not sure if the links are redacted by the time your document gets to the assessor’s end.