Phd certificate as academic contribution

Hi everyone,

Do you think I can use my PhD diploma as one of my OC4 evidences?

Thanks in advance!

I think you can use it as a supporting evidence but it shouldn’t be the only or main evidence. So be sure to include

  1. Letters from supervisors.
  2. Scholarly papers with top journals.
  3. Masters cert showing distinction or undergrad cert.
  4. Phd diploma
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Thanks for the reply.

I was considering these 3:

OC4.1 : Journal paper
OC4.2 : 3 conference papers
OC4.3 : PhD diploma

Can you also get a letter from your supervisor? Apart from those evidences which are actually quite good, it will also be lovely if your supervisor that’s most likely well known in your field can say something good about you and how you’d contribute to the UK. Otherwise, I think that’s also fine. Also, were the papers published in top journals?

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Thanks @C91 :slight_smile:

Yes, I will also take a letter from my supervisor.

The journal paper was published in a SCI-Expanded journal. And conferences were indexed in Scopus. But unfortunately they are not top publications.

However, if you have already use a letter from your supervisor as one of your recommendation letters, you can as well use a letter from one of your PhD examiners, either your internal or external examiners to support your research contributions

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Nice idea, thanks @aaliyu :slight_smile: