Personal Statement Examples?

Hey everyone, would anyone happen to know where I can find a few examples of succesful, and perhaps unsuccessful, personal statements?

I did find this one resource:

But it’s from 2016 and I’m looking for more recent samples.


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Hi Michael,

I am not sure I would be much help on this one as I don’t think you need a template for the personal statement. You just need that section on the guide listing about 10+ questions that your personal statement should answer.

The thing is that the personal statement is supposed to be your own story. No 2 stories are the same.

If you are still struggling, this is what I ask people that I help to do:

  • write the personal statement last after gathering all the other evidence
  • write 1 paragraph each to answer the various questions provided on the Tech Nation Visa Guide ( I.e what is your background , what you plan to do in UK, etc.)
  • Ensure you touch on every single question.
  • Ensure each of these key points also touches on the various evidence that you are submitting.

You will find that you will have over 2000 words. The difficult job would then be how to summarise to 1000 words that would put you in the best possible light to the assessors.

Ensure that you provide documentary evidence for your key claims especially those within the last 5 years. You may need to update your CV too.

Still struggling ?
Write one paragraph story on each evidence you are submitting and explain how it meets the criteria (I.e show how it points to you being a Global Talent), keeping those 10+ questions in mind.

Ensure you spend some time (words) to paint the picture of what value you would bring to the UK.

I hope this helps.


@Michael_J_M its not about how old or recent a statement is but how well it defined and complimented someone’s digital tech journey. @badesemowo perfectly articulated the same thing and tips he gave are indeed the best course of action to write a good statement.

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Thanks! That’s definitely reassuring everyone.

@Michael_J_M BTW, the statement you linked is mine and even today I wonder how did I get endorsement with that! I got lucky :relieved: I guess. There are other great alumnis with great statements and careers to take cue from. One of which is the person who wrote that blog. You may check his utube video:
The other fabulous piece of writing which is:

Look at the para where Kyle says "In the technology sector, it’s difficult to quantify an “exceptional talent”. This one statement summerize the process. Just marvellous :grinning:


Hey @Mukesh_Adhvaryu - great to e-meet the man behind the piece! Your statement definitely helped point me in the right direction, but yea…I was concerned that the criteria has changed since then. Thanks for sending the links over!