Personal Statement Confusion

Hello Friends!
After 6+ months of effort in research, arranging evidences, and filling up the application form, I was going to submit the application this week, but stumbled into an issue -

I had prepared and formatted my personal statement per Tech Nation Visa Guide, but am now confused.

The requirement as per Tech Nation Guide is -

  • Why do you want to come to the UK? - Explained my Story
  • What is your planned occupation in the UK? - Given the Details
  • Which region or city of the UK are you planning to live in? - Given the Details
  • How will the UK digital technology sector benefit from your work? -Given the details which aligns to above three questions

I think I have reasonably answered above questions in my Personal Statement.

But when I went ahead to fill up the Tech Nation Portal, The question prompt under personal statement is quite different, which says -
‘Please explain why you believe you qualify for the Tech Nation Visa and how you satisfy the criteria for Exceptional Talent’

I believe both questions have a different focus and I am totally confused - Per the tech nation guide, I believe focus is on Personal Story and the potential contribution to UK Tech, while the question on the Tech Nation Portal is focussing on the Qualification Criterial for Exceptional Talent.

Need advice from this community on how to answer this question.

hey @Applicant_3049, this is more of a general question for the reason that you are applying to Exceptional Talent instead of Exceptional Promise. It is nothing to do with a Personal statement

I gave an answer that I am under 5 yrs of experience and having my time in an early stage career who contributed to the advancement of the field.

So just give a response, why you are going with Talent instead of Promise?
You can say that you have more than 5 years of experience and contributions …etc to the fields. you might notice that, they are expecting a short answer for that. (limited character count)


Thanks for the response @Tamil_Selvan.
For the question on qualification for Exceptional Talent, the following is the question prompt, which has a smaller word limit.

For personal statement, the question prompt is -

As mentioned, I believe the second question prompt deviates from the tech visa quide. Is my interpretation right?

I am still lost :frowning: Appreciate any quick help.

Dont worry!! first with smaller word limit is a explation for why you are going with talent or prmise. The seconds is the 1000 words limit Personal Stament and paste your draft there. all should be fine my friend

Submitted ! Thanks for the inputs

Hi Guys,

Where exactly do I add this statement. The window only has options for CV, 3 letters, evidence files (10 documents) no space for the personal statement.

Go back to previous steps before you got to the page for document uploads. There’s a page with a large text area where you’ll paste your personal statement. You’re not uploading it as a document

Hi @Victrr thanks for that. I don’t see any previous pages. These are the only two pages in the tech nation part.

Application page:

@Francisca_Chiedu any guidance on this?

Click on Application form and scroll down till you get to this point

It comes before the space where you put in your referee information

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as far as i remember statement is part of the application. seems you started the application but didnt complete.

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Thanks a lot @Maya and @Victrr. It the UI where I got really confused as it didn’t say there were more pages to the application. Just said save and complete or submit. I didn’t want to “submit” by accident. It was probably me stressing out and getting tunnel vision.

I appreciate your help a lot :slight_smile:

I have started the application process but I’m unable to find these two fields;
Where I type personal statement and qualification for Exceptional Talent,.
Please how do I find it?

what link are you using?

Hi francisca, nevermind i have been able to find it

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