Personal capacity - Recommendation Letter

I got letter from a senior cybersecurity professional without letter head, Can i mention this letter in one of my 3 recommendation letters as he mentioned that he given this letter on personal capacity not on the basis of his current employer, kindly see his words:

Kindly note, this recommendation is provided in a strictly personal capacity as a senior cybersecurity professional without any obligation whatsoever on part of my employer.

Thanks for your kind words in this.

Obviously, you can provide this letter as one of 3 recommendation letters. The other question is if it is going to be considered acceptable - and I am afraid there’s no way to answer this.

It seems that when reviewing one’s application Tech Nation would try to consider all presented evidence as a whole, and it means that, sometimes, a slight deviation from the recommendation may be OK.

On the other hand, doing ‘everything by the book’ may strengthen one’s application.

Let’s consider options here:

  1. Find another person to write a recommendation for you;
  2. If you cant - consider applying ‘as is’;
  3. Alternatively - consider other visa routes.

Which one to choose here - we don’t really know, that depends on your profile, goals and aspirations.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I don’t work for Tech Nation and don’t represent this (or any) organisation.


In addition to @Alex_P 's comment, I thought to mention that you could consider using that person’s recommendation as one of your other 10 evidence if you consider the person’s letter really strong and if it would further your cause of showing yourself as exceptional based on criteria.

In my opinion, you should be able to find a “4th” recommender if you really want it.

Note: Standard disclaimers applies.

Hi Jamal,

Did you make any progress on this? Did you apply with same LOR or you modiefied it.
I am also facing the same. Some LOR I got on personal capacity, so not sure what to do next.
So just checking with you.

Personal capacity not acceptable by TN.