Peer review of research as evidence for Optional Criteria 2 - (Out of work primary job)

Hello everyone,

As part of the Optional Criteria 2: (Out of work primary job) I am thinking of showing my participation as a peer-reviewer and part of technical program committee member of tech conferences and journals. Is this fine as an evidence?

If yes, how to arrange them as evidence and successfully show on my application?

Thank you in advance for your help and support. I really appreciate your time.

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I think this fits more in to the Mandatory and optional criteria 4. If you have to use it as optional criteria 2, you need to show how it advances the sector.

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Thank you, Francisca, for your reply.

For OC2, I was thinking of creating an evidence document of peer-review and editorial-ship for journals. In this document, I plan to put some evidences of my peer-review and editorial contribution that is external to my work. Peer-review is important to increase the trust worthiness of research publications, which contributes to the tech and research field.

However, I am not sure how to prove that it advances the tech sector (apart from mentioning in words how peer-review helps scientific research).

On a side note, can I also use this evidence for mandatory criteria as well? (asking because I haven’t noticed an example in the mandatory criteria for this one)

In mandatory criteria one of the evidence examples is:

  • You have held or hold a significant expert role participating on panels, or individually, assessing the work of others in the same field or a field of specialisation related to the digital technology sector.*

The fact that you are invited by journals to peer review or be an editor shows your are an expert in the field assessing other people’s work in the field of digital technology to produce high quality research that steers up new innovative ideas and output.


@May Thank you so much. I will arrange my evidence accordingly. :slight_smile:

@Francisca_Chiedu, I fall into same category as an editorial board member for a journal body.

What evidence do I need to put forth in my application assuming I want to use it for mandatory?

Evidence of emails and certificate confirming you contributed to journals. Your name on the list or website of the journal confirming you are an editor. Also add explanatory note to show it meets the mandatory criteria.