Passport expires in 2 years

Sorry, this might be a bit of a dumb question, but can I apply for a 3 or 5 year GT visa if my passport expires in 2 years? Is it possible that in two years I will have to redo the visa application again?

You just need a passport with up to six month validity. You will only get three months visa. When you arrive the UK, you will get a Biometric residence permit. You can renew your passport in the UK.

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Hi @Francisca_Chiedu apologies if this sound dumb but do you mean that I will only be granted a 3 months visa if say my passport expires in December next year (2023) and I apply for visa to enter UK in January. This is my present predicament.

No, you won’t be granted 3 months visa. Your passport will be stamped with 3 months vignettes (it’s a normal thing for everybody) to enter the UK. When you get to the UK, you can then collect your BRP. You have no issues at all, you’re fine.


Oh yeah? Thank you so much. I was getting worried.

you will get a Biometric residence permit when you arrive the UK.