Partner Visa Docs

When applying for the partner visa who is currently outside the UK, does the main applicant in the UK need to provide any form of proof of finance? Also, what is the UAN number used in the application process? Is this the UAN or UKVI reference on the visa completion email or the initial UAN number from the stage 1 application? I noticed these are different. Thanks in advance.

@Francisca_Chiedu can you help with this?

As far as I am aware proof of funds is not needed for the application. Your partner outside the UK needs to to do a TB test if it is required for her country of residence, she also needs to show proof of relationship, pictures and other details to show you are in a genuine and subsisting relationship.

I am not sure i get your question but for every stage there is a reference number you need a UAN for stage 1. The reference number for stage two is in the form.

Oh okay thanks. Just want to confirm, is the UAN the UAN number provided when I was applying for the second stage?