[Partner Dependent Visa] Where to send additional documents? (Technical glitch from UKVI?)

I received my GT Talent visa a couple of months ago. My wife is applying for a partner dependent visa to move to the UK. About a week ago, she received an email asking for additional documents. But there was no mention of where to send the additional documents to, and it asked not to reply back to the email it was sent form. Quite peculiar. The email reads:

“Please send this document as a scanned attachment within 10 working days to quoting your application reference in the subject line”

I believe the email was supposed to be between the words “to” and “quoting”, but there’s just a space in there. From researching public forums, I believe the email is supposed to take the form of “work non sponsored…(something)” but there’s no concrete help available anywhere.

It would be a huge help if anyone knows what email address, we’re supposed to send the documents to.

Thank you!

There should be email address to where you should send document but as you said there is no email address mentioned I would suggest to check out this