Partner applying separately GTV Promise

Hi Everyone,

I received the endorsement today and am now planning out how to apply for the 2nd stage. I’m currently on Startup Visa in London and my partner is in Georgia (not allowed to travel to UK without a valid visa).

  1. Is there anyone here who has the experience or knows if my partner can apply separately with my Endorsement only so that she enters the 3-week loop (from outside of UK) instead of 8-week loop if I apply for both of us from inside the UK.

  2. Does Home Office take strictly 8 weeks to respond? or can it be much earlier ?

  3. I saw that you can extend the visa. Can you extend after the initial 5 years? or is it only up to 5 years max?

  4. Does the Promise visa also need working for minimum of 180 days per each calendar year to be eligible for ILR in 5 years ? or are the rules different ?

  5. Does the dependant’s visa come with full rights? work, study, found a company, etc.

Thank you in advance!