Partial refund of visa fee (not IHS surcharge)

Is there anyone that has faced a strange exchange rate while submitting application for stage 2? My partner (dependant) has been charged with 947 USD, while it should be around 907 USD, according to the rate of Bank of England (716 GBP). We’ve tried to open the payment link from overseas, then through the UK IP, but this payment has been converted to USD everywhere. Now, I would like to get back this excess from UKVI. How can I launch the refund request?

I think there’s probably a processing fee charged by the payment company. Most times the fees are higher than the pounds conversion. No refund.

Meanwhile, there was almost no processing fee while paying for the IHS fee - I guess, something like 0.2-0.3%, not almost 5%, so for me it definitely makes sense to raise the refund request.

Hi @vkrk Did you get any feedback from them? If so, which email did you use to contact them? I paid for 3 years IHS on Tuesday, I was charged $2477.05 but my husband was charged $2,889.90 for the same year, a difference of $412.85. :roll_eyes:

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You should send an email but it has been a problem, they often charge more than the stated amount.

As a rule of thumb, always avoid paying high amounts online in foreign currency. You should try to find a way around to pay in local currency to avoid hidden charges. The bank (card issuer) will charge its fee, the gateway will charge their fee and then then the recipient bank will have their own rates…it all adds up for every transaction.

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