Parents/siblings as dependants?

Hello everyone.

From what I understand, only your spouse / unmarried partner and children clarify as ‘dependants’.

Is there any way to extend the visa to parents or siblings, if evidence that they depend on me will be provided?

Thank you!

Your parents and siblings can be listed as your dependants but the visa can only be extended to your spouse and kids

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Thank you for elaborating!

I have some follow up questions, I would really appreciate if you could answer them too.

  • Do you think it makes sense to try to request an exception to extend the visa to parents as well, or this is something strictly prohibited?

  • If the visa cannot be extended to parents, then what would be the point of including them as dependents - what kind of benefit does it provide to them?

  • In case I decide to include my married/unmarried partner, will their visa vignette in the passport state that they are associated to me?

  • Am I responsible for the unmarried/married partner in any way, if they obtain a visa as my dependent?

Thank you again.

Your parents as dependants simply means they are financially dependent on you but the visa is not extended to them. You need to look up the immigration rule for global talent to have a better understanding of seek legal advice.

If your parents are listed as your dependent if they decide to visit you, it may be used to show ties for their visitors visa application. Again check the immigration rule or ask an immigration lawyer.

Yes, the visa vignette of your married or married partner will show they are linked to you. The BRP will state Global Talent dependent partner or so

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