Parents as dependents?

hi all ,

New to this forum so hello to all ! I have gotten my Global Talent visa recently and plan to move in September

My question was is it possible to add parents as dependents. I believe only spouse and children can be added but I read somewhere that in exceptional cases we can add parents also ? My parents are quite elderly and I really wanted to add them if I could

Anyone familiar with this

thanks in advance

Congratulations on your visa. As far as I know, you can’t.

thanks a lot . Pretty much what I thought so I guess I will have to wait for the ILR before I can start making the case for them

Hi @taimur74 - As far as I know, you can’t do so even after ILR. A lot of my cohort have aged parents from our countries of origin and I don’t know any cases of anyone successfully having pulled off getting them on a sustained visa. You can obviously have them over on visitor visas - that last 6 months at a time.

yes I am aware sadly :frowning:

Will have to make do with visit visa and then try and see If I can make a case for them