Options: Exceptional Talent Visa Expiring

I’m fully approved for the Exceptional Talent visa but it is expiring in January 2022 (unfortunately I only applied for 1 year). Because of COVID I haven’t actually been able to move to or start work in UK so I don’t have proof of earned income to request an extension. Does anyone know what happens when my visa expires? Can I just reapply for stage 2 as a new visa since my Tech Nation approval should still be valid? I’m currently based in the USA. Thanks.

@Theresa_Vu unfortunately, you can only apply for extension now. You still have time, try to get some remote or contract work originated from the UK and hire an accountant. After earning something file your tax return and then apply for.extension and hope for the best. You did a mistake for having only a year of visa. If your extension doesn’t go through, I am afraid you are back to square one I.e to get endorsement again and stage 2 etc.

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@Theresa_Vu Please get this clarified from other folks but from what you wrote, it seems like you never used the Exceptional Talent Visa to enter the UK, correct?

If so, your Visa Vignette has probably expired and you need to apply for a ‘Replacement of Expired Vignette’ visa. This should get you a new visa to enter the UK. But I believe even after this, your new visa will likely expire at the same time i.e. Jan 2022 so you’ll have to enter the UK before then and start working so you qualify for an extension.

Thanks @jallexis. With COVID the Home Office is providing 90 days on the vignette. You’re correct though that my original vignette expired but I already got another 90 day extension. Overall my visa will expire in January 2022 anyway.

Hi @Theresa_Vu,

As mentioned here, the way I understand it, If you don’t want to go though the rigours of getting a fresh endorsement and stage 2 Visa application, then you need to plan to get an extension.

For this, you need to:

  1. go to the UK howbeit briefly to pick up your BRP. (I am not sure if it is compulsory but I assume you need to get your NI anyway).

  2. Open a UK bank account. (Try Revolut or Monzo , they won’t stress you with Address verification).

  3. Earn Income in the UK into your bank account.
    The guide does not specify a minimum income. I think it just says you need to earn income in your field. Can you get a contract or consult for a UK startup or start your company and pay yourself? I believe you have many options as a talent that you are.

The good news is you have 6 months to sort this out.

I suggest you also join the TN Alumni Slack channel. I believe you will find many more people with better insight on there, though most people work to get ILR before their TN Visa expires.

@Theresa_Vu I just stumbled on this other answer from @Alex_P on here that I believe is useful for you.

VISA Extension under global talent scheme refused

Thanks I’ve done all of this. I was trying to see if there were any other options aside from earning income.

no, there’re no other ways

@badesemowo Do you happen to know how I can join the TN Alumni Slack channel?

Yes. Just fill this form. You can join once you have been endorsed.

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@badesemowo Thank you for sharing the link. :slight_smile: I have already applied and waiting to be approved.