Optional open source contributions

In regards to this:

Contributions which have been made solely to support the timing of your application are unacceptable.

What if you legit found open source contributions after you learnt about TechNation

it still does not meet the criteria.

Thank you, Francisca.

I think this only applies to open source contributions and publications…

For applications, a time period of a year was stated… the application has to be at least older than a year…

but for open source contributions, no time period was stated… so do you have an idea of how the judging team decides that certain open source contributions are recent or older? Safe to assume a year too?

if this is your understanding of the guide, then by all means use what you have. Generally, contributions done close to the timing of your application are not acceptable. By the way your contribution should be substantial and consistent. You are welcome to submit what you have, if the assessors find it acceptable, you get endorsed if not you get feedback why it was not successful.